The Legend Of Zelda

For kids who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, 2016 is one of the most nostalgic years to date. Nintendo announced the release of a tiny Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), people are running around trying to catch Pokemon, a new version of Dance Dance Revolution are driving players back to the arcade and so much more!

This week’s  Throwback Thursday reminds me of growing up as a gamer. Though I don’t play as much anymore, I definitely remember spending countless hours glued to various console and handheld systems. After Earthbound (Mother 2) and Mortal Kombat, The Legend of Zelda is definitely one of my favorite series.  I spent numerous hours playing A Link to the Past and was amazed and exasperated when the world changed to reveal more gameplay, continued playing through Link’s Awakening,  marveled at the vast and intricate land in Ocarina of Time, and was thoroughly terrified any time I played Majora’s Mask alone at night.

I love when I hear a good fusion of video games and electronic music. In this instance, Zedd went above and beyond my expectations. When I first heard his take on Koji Kondo‘s legendary track, I was instantly taken back to my childhood.

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