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Zombie Disco Squad, or ZDS, is a one-man force powering his way to new heights. At a time when the music scene is inundated with talent, ZDS finds a way to incorporate his surroundings with his distinctive productions. His ongoing artistic refinement gives way to his evident wisdom as an artist and an individual. With such cheeky and clever sensibilities, it’s no wonder why he’s becoming increasingly renowned. Riding off the recent releases of “Do You Like” and “Differently Abled“, those who haven’t heard of ZDS yet, are missing out! This interview with him offers just a taste of his quirky genius!

I understand that your influences come from a variety of directions. From where does your current motivation derive?

My current musical motivation is driven by the fact that there is A LOT of music available and I want my music to be good as possible so it has the best chance of standing out.

In terms of current influences – I have and always will love Green Velvet, Claude VonStroke, Paul Johnson, Dance Mania and raw late 90’s house music.  All of that pretty much always feeds into what I do. People I’m currently really into are guys like Harvard Bass, Option4, German Brigante, Dixon Ave Basement Jams and loads more.

What do you think your personal signature is in your tracks? What makes them distinct?

I would hope that make tracks that ‘bang’ in one way or another. I have always said that I have taken a big influence from Hip Hop – not that my tracks sound like hip hop but the ethos of sampling and groove.

Legitimately curious, what is the significance or turn of events that lead to your name?

So the full length name (Zombie Disco Squad) comes from the days when there was a crew of us throwing parties – we were called ‘Black Hearts’. We used to throw parties in a shitty bar in south London. The crew was pretty hedonistic and a  journalist came down to the night and described us as a ‘Zombie Disco Squad’ (I think you can guess why). The crew fell apart and Zombie Disco Squad was born. I’m tending to use ZDS more these days as the full length version doesn’t make a great deal of sense since my former partner left in 2012. I mean after all two is the smallest possible squad you can have.

Do you have any specific comforts that are consistent through your production process?

Cigarette and Coffee.

Your latest track “Differently Abled”, who is this title meant to reflect?

Basically the track is meant to be pretty odd and different from what I would describe as ‘trackie tech house’. I always like the expression differently abled   as it changes the emphasis of disabled into a positive- it implies  that someone differently abled might be able to do something that someone normal might not be able to do.

Do you have a tour in the making?

I’m very much focused on studio time at the moment and working on a mix and edit series I’m doing called ‘Bang Tapes’ . But I have plans to tour the States at the end of the year.

What’s something you wish someone would have told you before you started making music?

I have a production technique that allows for quick production with out wasting time on false starts. I wish I had known it when I started. The technique works like this

  1. Spend no more than two hours making a song idea
  2. Make 10 of these
  3. Only develop the good ones.

It means that no time is wasted going over and over what could not be a good idea/song.

Random and final question, do you have any quirky superstitions?

I dunno about superstitions but I don’t like sand much…. I think that’s pretty weird.

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Gina relocated from monotonous central California to the damp, musically dense Pacific Northwest in 2009. Not long after, she became completely enveloped in the vibrant world of electronic dance music. Obsessed with the catharsis of dance and unparalleled sense of community, her life’s pursuit became attending as many live music events as possible. While she doesn’t limit her eclectic musical taste by any means, bass music is what most activates her tumultuous soul. Soon, within her grew the desire to become more involved and contribute to the community which has shown her interminable acceptance and purpose. In that pursuit, she began working with the artist relations teams at local powerhouse Foundation Nightclub and its parent company USC Events in Seattle. She’s now found a space where meaning and motivation converge and intends to embed herself as much as possible within those musical spaces.