Nora En Pure Lake Arrowhead EP

Switzerland’s own Daniela Niederer, better known as Nora En Pure, returns to grace us with this wonderful new EP ‘Lake Arrowhead.’  The tracks have been released on Enormous Tunes. She brings with her a very beautiful Deep House sound. With some nice drops and a relaxing but still want to get to that dance floor feel to each of the tracks. Subtle animal noises and soft melodies; She will surely become a favorite of many.

Nora En Pure – Lake Arrowhead EP Track by Track:

  • Lake Arrowhead (Radio Mix) – This track fuses together soft harmonious synths with exotic flutes and horns . With a deep house beat and percussion make this tune sure to appeal to many. Surely a great way to start off a party on the right foot and ensure that people want to dance.


  • Zambia (Radio Mix)– She continues the deep house influence on to this track. Providing an up beat feeling that will keep the party alive and grooving. With some vocals and strings; this track is sure to keep those positive vibes flowing.


  • Sleeping in My Bed (Radio Mix) – For the conclusion of this EP, Nora En Pure finishes strong. Starting with beautiful piano and vocals into a spacey house beat, this track does not disappoint. Collaborating with fellow label mates Sons Of Maria harmoniously with down pitched vocals and synths. An emotion felt song finishes the night off strong.


The Lake Arrowhead EP from Nora En Pure really showcases her diversity as a producer. Be sure to keep your eyes on this rising star as she makes her way to the states. Currently she is on tour throughout Europe.

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