After bursting into the deep house scene with their chart topping debut album, Settle, Disclosure fans eagerly awaited the release of their sophomore album, Caracal, which released on September 25, 2015. Shortly after the release Disclosure announced a US and UK tour and have been slowly climbing the charts in many different countries. As of October 1, 2015, they became the number one selling album in the UK.

With the success of Settle I was extremely excited to hear how the new album would sound. Once released, I was not at all disappointed. Caracal continues to embrace Disclosure’s staple sound while incorporating talent from many other genres. Although some fans may not value the diversity of the album I think it is amazing that the UK duo have challenged themselves to work with a variety of different artists. The track list consists of:

  • Nocturnal (feat. The Weeknd) – The first track on the album features none other than Abel Tesfaye, AKA the Weeknd. It starts off with a perfect blend of kick drums, snares, plucking, and silky vocals from the Weeknd. It has a clear RnB influence which is different from the typical Disclosure song, but I think that is what makes this track beautiful.
  • Omen (feat. Sam Smith) – This is the number one track on the album, and rightfully so. It seems that anything Disclosure and Sam Smith produce is going to be a hit. Sam Smith’s soulful vocals paired with Disclosure’s funky synths, kick drums, and snares creates a killer dance track that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs. This track is also part one to an amazing two part music video.
  • Holding On (feat. Gregory Porter) – This was the first single from the album and was released on May 26, 2015. It gave Disclosure fans a little taste of what was to come once the full album was released. And, once Gregory Porter tells you to ‘shake it’ on the drop you can hear the similarity between this track and tracks from Settle.
  • Hourglass (feat. LION BABE) – LION BABE’s vocals are a perfect complement to the mellow drum buildup, but when the deep synth drops you won’t want it to end.
  • Willing & Able (feat. Kwabs) – This was the second single from the album and was released on August 14, 2015. The track begins with a mellow drum sequence and the introduction of Kwabs’ passionate voice. This is definitely one of those body wiggling songs with an easy chorus to belt out. It also has an RnB influence and you can tell it is a slower song compared to others on the album.
  • Magnets (feat. Lorde) – With Lorde’s success over the last year this was definitely another highly anticipated collaboration. The track starts with light drums and the introduction of Lorde’s perfectly delivered vocals. This is also one of the tracks that possesses passionate lyrics that you can feel.
  • Jaded – This is my favorite track from the album besides Omen. It is also one of the few tracks that features just the UK duo and that is what I love about it! It is pure Disclosure. The chorus has powerful lyrics and a funky drop that will have you rocking back and forth. This is also part two of the Omen music video.
  • Good Intentions (feat. Miguel) – Miguel expertly inserts his passionate vocals over Disclosure’s deep house sound. This one of the most unique songs from the album because it is not what you envision when you think of a typical Disclosure song.
  • Superego (feat. Nao) – Beginning with a short synth build up Superego quickly drops with hard bass similar to Nocturnal. The main drop features vocals from Nao and is definitely more upbeat compared to other tracks on the album.
  • Echoes – This is the second track from the album that solely features the Disclosure brothers. It has the staple kick drums, snares, and electronic components along with that funky breakdown about halfway through the track.
  • Masterpiece (feat. Jordan Rakei) – This is another of the slower songs from the album with a heavy RnB influence. From the start of the song you can feel the passion in the beat, vocals, and lyrics. This is one of those songs where you want to grab a partner and slow dance like you were back at a middle school dance. This track perfectly displays the diversity of the album.
  • Molecules – This is the third song on the album that only features Guy and Howard. It begins with the brothers layering their vocals over a hard kick drum and synth build up. They lyrics and vibe of the song help create a sensual, but hopeless love feeling.
  • Moving Mountains (feat. Brendan Reilly) – This is a love ballad perfectly executed by Brendan Reilly. It’s a story of being helplessly infatuated with someone who does not reciprocate your gestures. This was the best way to wrap up the tracks consisting of the featured artists. It streamlines the RnB vibe for the whole album through passionate vocals and a genuine message.
  • Afterthought – As the last song of the album it is only natural to end the last track with the main producers, the Disclosure brothers. The whole track is vocally driven and is complemented with a mellow beat. At this point on the album I have already queued Caracal for repeat.

Overall I give Caracal an 8.5 out of 10. I may be a little biased because I love Disclosure, but after listening to the album multiple times it has grown on me because of how different it is from Settle, the diversity in featured artists, and the genuine passion in the lyrics. This album successfully creates its own personality through an array of amazing collaborations. I also really like that with the collaborations comes an RnB vibe and lyrics full of passion. If you have not listened to the album I highly recommend it (listen here), but listen to it with an open mind and open ears! Also, if you ever have the chance to see a LIVE set from Disclosure DO NOT pass it up.

Zachary Lefevre has been listening to electronic music since the early 2000s. Although his first live show was underground hip-hop, he began listening to a variety of different genres and found his niche within electronic community. After attending more concerts and festivals, Zachary was seeking out a platform that would allow him to express his passion and love for live music and share it with friends, family, and the world. Having always been an avid writer he began to combine the two arts and shortly after writing his first article Zachary became part of the EDM Identity team in August 2015.

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