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EDC Las Vegas 2021 kineticFIELD

Feel the Energy of the kineticFIELD Ahead of EDCLV 2022

Few stages on the planet are more electric than EDC Las Vegas' kineticFIELD and this year is set to bring some major artists to the festival.
EDC Las Vegas 2021 bassPOD

Headbang Your Heart Out with This bassPOD Playlist Ahead of EDCLV 2022

The bassPOD at EDC Las Vegas is full of heavy hitters, so we curated a playlist with artists from the lineup to get your bass face on!
EDC Las Vegas 2021 quantumVALLEY

Get a Taste of quantumVALLEY’s Trance Energy Before EDCLV 2022

As trance lovers prepare to make their way home to quantumVALLEY at EDC Las Vegas, let's bask in the euphoric music that transcends the soul!
EDC Las Vegas 2019 kineticENERGY

Immerse Yourself in the Sounds of EDCLV 2021’s kineticFIELD

The kineticFIELD at EDC Las Vegas hosts some of the biggest names in dance music so get a taste of what's in store this year with this playlist!
EDC Las Vegas 2019 circuitGROUNDS

Energize Your Life with This EDCLV 2021 circuitGROUNDS Playlist

The circuitGROUNDS will be playing host to some electrifying sounds at EDC Las Vegas this year so get ready and explore its lineup!
EDC Las Vegas 2019 stereoBLOOM

Explore the Sounds of the stereoBLOOM at EDCLV 2021

In honor of the return of EDC Las Vegas, we’ve curated playlists for every stage. Today, we bring you the sounds of the stereoBLOOM.
EDC Las Vegas 2019 wasteLAND

Get Lost in the Harder Styles with This EDCLV 2021 wasteLAND Playlist

In honor of the return of EDC Las Vegas, we’ve curated playlists for every stage. Today, we bring you the sounds of the wasteLAND.
EDC Las Vegas 2019 cosmicMEADOW

Go HARD with This EDCLV 2021 cosmicMEADOW Playlist

Following the release of the EDC Las Vegas lineup, we've curated a playlist for every stage. Next up on the roster is the cosmicMEADOW!
EDC Las Vegas 2019 Adventure Club

Get Your Bass Face Ready for the bassPOD at EDCLV 2021

The bassPOD lineup for EDCLV 2021 is getting us hyped, so we curated a playlist to get you ready to find the nearest rail and headbang!
EDC Las Vegas 2019 neonGARDEN

Find a Darker Groove with This EDCLV 2021 neonGARDEN Playlist

In honor of the dazzling EDC Las Vegas 2021 lineup, we’ve curated a playlist for each stage and today we bring you the sounds of the neonGARDEN!