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Category: In Depth

In-Depth Interview With HALIENE

Go in-depth with electronic music’s newest muse, HALIENE! You’ve heard her voice all over for the last few years but 2017 has HALIENE’s name all over the new releases. You can find her featured on many tracks with various artists from ATB to Illenium. With emotional lyrics, HALIENE showcases strong songwriting and a powerful voice. Her music often hits me in the heaviest of places but lifts me up as well. For many fans, her work with Gareth Emery and Standerwick on “Saving Light” proclaims the emotions within her creativity. Her earlier works under her legal name, Kelly Sweet, ingrained...

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In-Depth Interview With Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson ‘Opens Up’ About EDCLV, His Career, & New Releases! The name Simon Patterson should be familiar to most trance aficionados. Between endless chart-topping releases and headlining major events, Simon’s success is unquestionable. His name has become synonymous with cutting edge trance, techno, and psytrance ever since his concept Open Up was launched. However, when we were given the opportunity to do an interview with him, we wanted to expose you to how he reached the place he’s at right now. From working for labels to becoming an artist that constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s new, to...

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Markus Schulz Talks ‘The Nine Skies’, EDC Las Vegas, & More!

Markus Schulz discusses Dakota, The Nine Skies, EDC, his love for San Francisco and more! This past week, Dreamstate San Francisco was the talk of the town in the trance world. This latest iteration of the massive trance-only event curated a list of artists that included many sub-genres included psytrance, uplifting, and classic trance. One such performance that has been talked about heavily is that of Markus Schulz presents Dakota. Schulz’s work in the electronic music scene extends farther than merely being a DJ.  His influence and work are seen in all areas of the music industry. Schulz is...

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In-Depth Interview With Shane 54

Shane 54 talks about life as a solo artist, International Departures, “First Time”, and more! Shane 54 is a true testament to all that defines an artist with unwavering passion, relentless drive, and supreme talent! Since the release of his first solo track, “Paradise”, that was quickly followed up by his debut solo performance at ExchangeLA just this past December, his momentum has not faltered for even a second. With a vision to fuse elements of trance, progressive, and house, Shane 54 has developed his own sound, dripping with his own personality. He is ready to take his faithful fans on the...

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Kutski Talks Keeping The Rave Alive, New Music, & More

Kutski shares his thoughts on the 5th anniversary of Keeping The Rave Alive, his new collaboration with Jordan Suckley, and his passion for the underground scene. Kutski is one of the biggest names in the hard dance scene with his impressive technical mixing and musical versatility. In 2012, he started the ‘Keeping The Rave Alive’ radio show, which showcases 360 degrees of the harder styles of dance music. The ‘Keeping The Rave Alive’ brand is a staple in the scene branching out to hosting its own sold-out events worldwide and inspiring an album series claiming the UK’s highest selling hard dance album...

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In-Depth Interview With Klingande

Klingande has become a champion of uplifting, melodic productions that are refreshing and smile worthy! Cédric Steinmyller, better known as Klingande, has been on the forefront of Tropical House since its creation and explosion over the last couple of years. Although a French-born producer, he admires the Swedish language for it’s “song-like” quality and even chose a Swedish word meaning “chiming” as his stage name. His career began in 2012 as a duo and slowly started to grow with their releases of Punga and Jubel in 2013. By 2014 Klingande became a solo act and he really started to create his own...

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