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Category: ID Travel

Five Things To Do Outside Of Global Dance Festival

Headed to Denver for Global Dance Festival? Check out these five activities to get the most out of your trip! Denver is the fastest-growing city in the United States, and with its location just east of the Rocky Mountains, it offers a wide variety of activities for residents and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, a taste of arts and culture, or some entertainment to while the day away, there is something for everyone in the Mile High City. if you’re headed to Denver for Global Dance Festival 2017, check out our recommendations for some things to...

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Exploring Electronic Music Across Europe

Exploring the cities of Europe is one thing, but the nightlife, and the music that comes along with it– is a whole other exciting adventure. One of the things I was most excited for as I embarked on my four-month study abroad experience was the music! I’d heard talk of the underground techno scene in Berlin and the overflow of electronic stars coming out of Amsterdam, and I couldn’t wait to experience it all for myself. While based in Barcelona, Spain, I hit a total of twelve cities within eight different countries. In most, I found myself some sort of...

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Six Places To Eat & Drink Outside Of Panorama NYC

Panorama NYC is only weeks away, and we’ve scoured the city that never sleeps for some of the best ways to spend your down time! Panorama NYC is fast approaching, and EDM Identity could not be more excited to come to the New York City, also known as the Concrete Jungle. The lineup is stacked and The Point promises to be the happening of festival happenings. But what about outside the festival? Attendees from outside of NYC are about to come to the city that never sleeps. There is a lot to do within the Concrete Jungle and I could not be more...

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Six Must Know Tips About Las Vegas From A Local

Traveling to Las Vegas for festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival or Life is Beautiful? Get in the know with this advice from a local! Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or traveling to the city for a festival in the near future, Las Vegas might be calling your name. In a city that was built on gambling, it is actually entertainment that is king in the current era. Due to this shift from mob ruled casinos to an adult’s entertainment playground, more and more people flock to Las Vegas every year in their efforts to let off some...

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Head To Your Next Festival With Skedaddle!

Looking for alternative transportation options to festivals this season? Skedaddle might be the one for you! Get $5 off your first trip with Skedaddle by using code: EDMID5 Festival veterans know exactly how difficult it can become to get a rave family or large group to a festival in an efficient manner. If you take the usual route of driving, it can lead to a situation in which someone has to designate themselves as the driver, while also limiting the number of people who can ride to the festival with you. Once you arrive at the festival you’ll have to...

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5 Things To Do Outside Of Movement Music Festival 2017!

Heading to Detroit for Movement Music Festival? Check out these things to do when visiting! The city of Detroit has a vibrant history as the birthplace of Motown Records and for its strong ties to the auto industry. Other than being a techno mecca, Detroit has many other attractions that make this city one of a kind. For those of you flying in earlier or staying later for Movement Music Festival 2017, here are a few fun things to do while you’re in Detroit. Not sure if you’re going to Movement Music Festival 2017? Take a look at the...

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