Justin Martin Drops Remixes from His ‘Let’s’ EP on What To Do

Justin Martin
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Tracks from Justin Martin’s Let’s EP get a fresh twist from artists including lau.ra, Tom Jarmey, QRTR, DJ Sliiink, and TEE MANGO.

If you’re someone who loves great house music, then you’re probably familiar with Justin Martin. This Bay Area-based producer has become renowned for bringing the tasty beats to speakers near and far, and he recently started his own label, What To Do, to further showcase his unique tunes such as “Needs,” “Eye Of The Storm,” and “Stay” with Dalilah.

Back in February, Justin Martin dropped his latest EP, Let’s, which brought forth some fresh sounds from this house mastermind. Now, he’s looked to other artists to put their own spin on tracks from the release – and boy do these remixes serve just what you need. The five producers who touched up these tunes – QRTR, DJ Sliink, TEE MANGO, Tom Jarmey, and lau.ra – create a completely new vibe with different twists and turns along the way.

An immediate standout on arrives first as lau.ra touches up the title track “Let’s,” which features the vocals of Claire George. Beautifully re-done, this new cut sees her bring some serious UK Garage vibes, light pads, and a real oomph to it with the breaks found within its runtime. And if you want a completely different take on the track, DJ Sliink’s Jersey Club-infused edit bookends the collection of tracks in a fantastic way.

Another remix that stands out is TEE MANGO‘s take on “Soon.” This revamping is unique compared to the original track. While the original track has hard-hitting hats and a really original true-to-Chicago house beat, the remix brings a thumping of the bassline with sporadic snaps from the snare and some bass guitar slaps. It’s a bonafide atmospheric tune with room to breathe that will make you want to dance.

Be sure to give the remixes from the Let’s EP on Spotify or your preferred streaming platform and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Stream Justin Martin – Let’s EP Remixes on Spotify:

Justin Martin – Let’s EP Remixes – Tracklist:

  1. Let’s (feat. Claire George) (lau.ra Remix)
  2. Encourage (Tom Jarmey Remix)
  3. Tears (QRTR Remix)
  4. Soon (Tee Mango Remix)
  5. Let’s (feat. Claire George) (DJ Sliiink Remix)
  6. Let’s (feat. Claire George) (DJ Sliiink Dub Mix)
Justin Martin - Let's EP Remixes

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