Excision Announces Bass Music Initiative for Rising Artists

Excision - 2022

Excision launched a new Bass Music Initiative to help support and grow the community that will see 10 artists awarded $10,000.

Excision and his team are advocating for the new wave of artists in the industry and are now looking to relieve the financial stress that comes with being independent. To do this, they’ve launched the Excision Bass Music Initiative which will give ten underprivileged bass music artists $10,000.

The idea for the Bass Music Initiative stems from Excision’s own experience of getting a settlement after being involved in a car accident as a child, which gave his career a jumpstart early on. “As I talked to more and more up-and-coming Bass Music producers, it’s become clear that there are others whose careers would massively benefit from receiving a similar boost,” Excision said in his statement.

Talented artists who are spending the majority of their time working a job that isn’t their passion just to make ends meet are losing out to those who have the financial freedom to really focus on producing music. This inequality restricts the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and styles that would greatly benefit the continued evolution of bass music (and electronic dance music as a whole).


This new initiative from Excision was made possible with 25+ sponsors joining in such as KJ Sawka, Ableton, Kilohearts, Melda Production, and Xfer Records, who have all donated equipment and more. Alongside the huge amount of gear from the sponsors, the funds are intended to boost musical careers and give the winners a solid platform to release on.

The Bass Music Initiative will be looking for applications from artists of all backgrounds, with solid music and thoughtful answers. They are looking for experienced artists who have already released music and are committed to producing. Eligible artists must be 18 or older, already identify as part of an underrepresented or underprivileged group in Bass Music, and articulate how they can use these funds to help advance their own careers.

Candidates will be selected based on the strength of their music production skills and style, inquiring artists may apply via their Google Doc and also see the official rules for more information. Once the winners are selected, an announcement about how the community can support them will arrive – so stay tuned for new music to be shaking our speakers very soon.

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