Claude VonStroke Kept Members of the Flock Full at The Church

Claude VonStroke at The Church
Photo Credit: @thatonekidnick

Claude VonStroke brought a hearty helping of house beats for his fans in Denver and kept them satiated throughout the night.

At The Church in Denver, music is the religion. Last weekend, the one and only Claude VonStroke took the podium to spread his house hymns that brought the walls of the chapel to the ground. Of course, no churches were actually harmed under the Dirtybird boss’ watch. The only things literally falling to the ground were booties due to all the flavorful sounds the house master continually provided throughout the night.

If there’s one thing that Claude VonStroke knows how to do it’s set the mood just right. Those who have seen him live and in action know that his sets are always bound to be full of goofy, sexy, and mesmerizing music that’s simply irresistible. But beyond that, it’s always captivating to see artists like him dive into their vast discography during open-to-close sets and that’s just what those who made their way to The Church got the chance to witness.

Only Claude could play from open to close and keep The Church at capacity and bumping the whole night.

Being one of the earlier stops on his Your Dad Plays Great Music tour, the energy was high from members of the Dirtybird flock and Claude VonStroke himself. Nestled behind the decks, his smile beamed as bright as lasers filling the darkness of a pitch-black venue. As the tunes got hotter so did the listeners as they got down in the sold-out space, busting out their best moves, shuffling away, and expressing themselves in a way that only Claude is capable of releasing from within them.

Claude VonStroke at The Church
Photo Credit: @thatonekidnick

It was a one-man show, but the Dirtybird boss kept the decks on fire while never missing a single beat.

When it comes to a party, Claude VonStroke knows just how to get his baby birdies’ tail feathers flapping and he did it in the Dirtybird fashion we all know and love. And what better way to hear all the depths of the wonky sounds that he likes to throw at you than on a Void system? It was as if you could feel the soundwaves dancing right next to you with each beat dropped. Shoulder to shoulder, the crowd fell into a trance letting the frequencies carry them into the night.

From tracks on the heavier side to ones that were simply silly, the array of sounds were all present and made everyone shake their tiny tambourines from the start of his set to the very last minute. Claude VonStroke further proved that your dad really does play some great music that night – and catching him when he heads to a city near you is a must if you want to get down to a solid set filled with gems from the past and present.

Tickets for Claude VonStroke’s Your Dad Plays Great Music tour are still available. Head over to his website to grab yours for when he stops in a city near you!

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