SoDown Makes You ‘Get Up’ with His Bass-Fueled EP

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After teasing new music with clues for fans to solve together, SoDown finally delivered his latest three-track EP, Get Up.

SoDown is an artist in the bass game who has carved out his place as a multi-talented, saxophone-wielding player and producer. His music has taken him across massive stages like the iconic Red Rocks and at festivals like Coachella, Electric Forest, and more. His ability to seamlessly blend organic elements alongside high energy, head-banging grooves is what quickly earned him a close-knit following of fans dubbed The GetDown. Today, they can all get down to new music from SoDown with his new EP, Get Up!

Starting with the titular “Get Up” the EP kicks off with a lush, breezy saxophone that quickly turns its heels into a foot-stomping and head-jerking direction. It’s both invigorating and catchy, with plenty of space to breathe before grinding into the next song, “Badboi Sound.” Like the preceding track, this one from SoDown starts off with a crisp melody that’s steeped across the entire EP, just before leaning in to the kind of quiet that appears right before the storm of bass. Then, “Serious Dub” closes the exciting EP with warped vocals and clean cuts of bass.

Beyond delivering an EP packed with charged moments, SoDown captured a special experience for his fans prior to its release. Over the course of two months, the Denver-based producer dropped clues for his fans and the community to solve together in the form of three videos. Select fans also received letters from the producer himself, altogether revealing the news of the release while others were mailed branded USBs with the EP on them as well.

Needless to say, the build-up surrounding the Get Up EP was monumental among hardcore and casual fans alike. With its release finally here, it’s safe to say the music lived up to its hype. Download or stream Get Up on your favorite music platform and let us know what you think in the comments!

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SoDown – Get Up – Tracklist:

  1. Get Up
  2. Badboi Sound
  3. Serious Dub
SoDown - Get Up EP

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