SubDocta Chats About “Scepter” and Upcoming Tour

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Take a seat and peek into the creative mind of SubDocta as he discusses his upcoming tour, “Scepter,” and reflects on a successful year.

A name many know from not only his impressive sounds but his kind heart and energy he brings to the community is non-other than SubDocta. The fun and zesty emotions he brought to his live streams made him an artist to continuously check in on last year. He’s well-spoken and over the course of his career has pushed forth some of the best sounds including “2009 Was Tight” and West Coast Wobble. You can feel the passion pouring out of this tastemaker’s heart and hear it ringing loud and clear with each and every release.

Recently, SubDocta dropped a brand spanking new track on WAKAAN, “Scepter,” where he gave listeners something totally new from his typical production style. The track’s packed full of tasteful distortions and high energy frequencies that’ll have you hopping up and wiggling around. Throughout its entirety Subdocta keeps his listeners guessing and changes up the elements with each and every turn. In stepping outside the box he typically creates, SubDocta cooked up a sweet treat you won’t be able to get enough of.

On top of the new music, SubDocta also announced a massive tour for the forthcoming 2022 year. Strictly Business will be gracing cities across the country, including Denver, San Francisco, Santa Fe, and many more. His consistent effort, drive, and burning devotedness to this community and the sounds we all know and love made him so deserving for this huge feat and the next chapter in the SubDocta project.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down and pick SubDocta’s brain on a multitude of subjects, including his new track, tour, and artists he thinks we should all be keeping our eyes and ears on. So listen to “Scepter” on Spotify or your preferred platform, snag tickets to see him when he comes to your city next year, and read on to see what he had to say!

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Hey SubDocta, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today! You recently released “Scepter,” a smooth, wiggly banger (that we cannot get enough of!) What was the production process like for this track? Has that differed from older projects like “2009 Was Tight” and West Coast Wobble

Thanks! Honestly, during the pandemic, I tried to write a bunch of music out of my comfort zone. I battled with this one for a long time but I think it came out pretty fun and I’m glad it’s being received well. I was nervous for sure. 

Last month you announced your 2022 Strictly Business Tour with WAKAAN (with superb support we might add). What emotions are you feeling right now and what are you most excited about on the tour?

I mean I’m definitely a little nervous, [it’s my] first headline tour so there are a lot of moving pieces. I’m mostly just excited to bring my dream to fruition with a group of extremely talented friends alongside me. The idea was to try and cover the spectrum of bass music and I think we did a dang ol’ good job with that.

The SubDocta project has grown so much over the course of your career and will only continue to grow as we push further into the coming years. Looking back, if you could give yourself a piece of advice to further your career, what would you tell yourself?

Ask me in five years, I’m still figuring it all out. [Laughs]

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Speaking of looking back, you’ve been in the scene for a while now, what is your opinion on where dubstep is now as well as the community surrounding it, compared to how things were back in the 2012 era?

I mean that was then this is now, what worked in the past doesn’t always work for the present. Each era of dubstep has been instrumental in leveling up the scene and the sounds to get us where we’re at today, and I think we’re in a healthy spot. There are sounds for everyone (that likes electronic music) and I think that’s amazing. I will say, not seeing TV commercials with the most abrasive and poorly produced “dubstep” is nice. [Laughs]

Our community has been hit with many tragedies lately, and while it’s bringing a lot of us closer together, it’s still difficult to push through sometimes. Do you have any words of inspiration you can give to others to help put a little light and hope back in their lives?

Celebrate the small victories. It’s ok to have moments of happiness and joy even if you’re hurting. Love hard.

This has been quite the year for you, from playing Wobble Rocks to getting booked for Paradise Blue and Wobbleland next year. What’s been one of your favorite parts of 2021 and why?

I feel extremely grateful to do what I do. After last year I’m just so happy to play shows and share my art. We all took shows and events for granted until everything stopped. We have to truly feel gratitude for everything we get to do.

Finally, to wrap things up, who’s an artist that you think everyone needs to have on their radar for next year and why? 

I will always say Tyro, Notixx, and Stratus because they are huge influences on me and are extremely underrated. <3

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today, cannot wait to see what the new year brings you!

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