‘Elevate’ Your Listening Experience with KDYN


After making his debut on Monstercat earlier this year, rising UK-based artist KDYN returns to the label with the four-track Elevate EP.

Although he’s a newcomer, KDYN has shown promising talent with the endless possibilities of where his career can go. The UK-based DJ and producer is already establishing himself in the house scene – from finding support on radio stations like BBC and KISS FM to releasing on labels such as Divided Souls, Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION, and Revealed Radar. Now, as KDYN continues to build his sound, he’s become a member of the growing Monstercat family and just dropped his debut EP on the imprint, Elevate, as well.

Earlier this year, KDYN released the EP’s first single, “Through Your Love,” for everyone to groove out to. This song is refreshing in every sense of the word, laying down funky vocal chops and prowling notes that quietly escape throughout the song in bursts. It’s all about unwinding and letting go of reality – a rejuvenating reminder to unplug from stressful, everyday moments, and find your escape in the pleasure of music.

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The EP’s second track, “Fire,” amps up the ambiance, all while hitting satisfying jabs of bass alongside a staccato style of synths. If there’s anything to know about KDYN, it’s that he breaks away from the pitfall of repetition that house producers can sometimes rely on. Instead, he brings a barrage of interesting elements to his music through textures. While there’s a lot to listen for in “Fire,” it still maintains a clean, minimalist quality.

Cleanly segueing next is the song “Closer,” which KDYN also released prior to the EP’s release. This tune uses its buildups in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the chorus. There’s anticipation with the buildup, but there’s also a moment to appreciate the quaint piano melodies and feel-good glimmers of sound before the melody oscillates. Then, “Rhythm” closes out the EP with its energetic swing of synths and beats that rupture onto the darker end of where music can land on. It’s a hypnotic call for listeners to fully untether and simply fall into unbridled, hedonistic leisure.

Although it’s only his first EP, Elevate has such a distinct sound across all of its songs and a treatment that clearly points to KDYN’s hand when it comes to the production. While it’s only the beginning for him, there’s a lot to look forward to from the rising producer. Listen to Elevate on Spotify or check it out on your favorite music platform!

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KDYN – Elevate – Tracklist:

  1. Through Your Love
  2. Fire
  3. Closer
  4. Rhythm
KDYN - Elevate EP - Monstercat

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