Meeting Molly Sets the ‘Time Is A Remedy’ EP Free

Meeting Molly

Meeting Molly returns to Monstercat Silk with his soothing melodic house sounds in tow on the two-track Time Is A Remedy EP.

Sink into the chill soundwaves provided by Russian producer Meeting Molly as he continues to make his splash in the scene since 2017 with his melodic house beats that dominate the hearts of all who listen. This young artist has been inspired by the music that has come before him and is helping usher in a new progressive world along the way. While his tunes have graced labels like Songspire Records in the past, he’s recently found a home on Monstercat Silk as well with the Omega EP and his latest release Time Is A Remedy.

It quickly becomes apparent why Meeting Molly is turning heads and gaining the support of leading tastemakers in the scene after listening to the two tracks found within Time Is A Remedy. These two melodic house beauties feature beats that glide seamlessly and make you feel like you’re floating among butterflies while firmly putting a smile on your face along the way. And although his songs are soft and poetic, the listening experience packs a heavy sentiment in each full circle shuffle.

Both tunes are stress-soothers at their core, and the relaxing journey begins with its title track. Meeting Molly offers organic elements while keeping the vibration elevated within the cosmic stardust to daydream up into the sky. An up-beat shuffle introduces gentle four-to-the-floor basslines and notes that cling to the sentimental vocals, making it a fresh breath of air before fading away into the abyss of the unknown. Up next, “Harmony” cools the soothing tempo even further from the previous track with its sustained atmospheric beats. They deliver a more profound feeling of serenity that makes this one meditative perfection and leaves listeners feeling uplifted as well.

Listen to the Time Is A Remedy EP on Spotify or your preferred platform, and let us know what you think of this introspective release from Meeting Molly in the comments!

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Meeting Molly – Time Is A Remedy EP – Tracklist:

  1. Time Is A Remedy
  2. Harmony
  3. Time Is A Remedy – Extended Mix
  4. Harmony – Extended Mix
Meeting Molly - Time Is A Remedy EP

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Ashley is a passionate artist from Orange County that loves to escape into Los Angeles to dance any chance she can. Ashley's flair for music started at the young age of six when she received her first Casio keyboard to start her self-discovery through the sound. In High School, she began to learn guitar, write songs and attended many shows to discover new genres. Her first memory of electronic music is attributed to her parents during a road trip, where her father played Moby in the car. Music helped her grow personally and professionally while studying to earn her Bachelor's of Fine Art degrees in Creative Photography and Illustration at California State University of Fullerton. Her favorite artists are Jamie xx, Tycho, Ratatat, and Above and Beyond. You can find her in the crowd, grooving, and sharing genuine smiles wherever she goes.

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