Blanke Chats About His New Single “Breathe”


Blanke gets everyone jumping with his newest release on Deadbeats, “Breathe,” that sees him explore his passion for drum and bass.

Blanke is a name that is quickly recognized by those in the scene. Since first releasing in 2015, the Australian artist has worked hard to create a name for himself with powerful releases and stunning sets, with the result of him earning a top spot in the hearts of his growing fanbase. Fresh off his “Boom” release on Ophelia Records and a return to the stage at Bass Canyon, Blanke is back and ready to go full speed ahead with “Breathe.”

Out now on Deadbeats, “Breathe” acts as a new dawn for the artist who has become renowned for his melodic dubstep bangers as it introduces the world to his new side project, ÆON. While not entirely separate from the realm of Blanke’s bass-fueled sound, the new alias is centered on the exploration of his influences from drum and bass and is a taste of what’s in store on his ÆON:ONE EP as well.

The track begins with piano keys and vocals from Blanke himself that caress the soul before picking up the pace and jumping quickly into insane drum work to get your heartbeat racing. The electric synth patterns sprinkled into the song combined with the speedy drums create an upbeat effect that makes you feel like you’re in a futuristic hyperspeed chase. It’s a beautifully composed tune and will leave listeners craving more from the project.

Those who have recently caught Blanke at Brownies & Lemonade got a taste of what’s in store during his ÆON:MODE shows that are centered on the drum and bass sound – and we can’t wait to catch one of these sets in the future. Looking for some extra insight we caught up with the Aussie plant dad to discuss the track and what’s to come as well, so stream “Breathe” on your preferred platform and stay tuned for announcements on future ÆON:MODE shows!

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Hi Blanke, it’s such a pleasure to chat with you, we appreciate you taking the time! We can’t wait to learn more about you and your creative process. As a versatile artist, you make some heavy songs, as well as songs that bring out the sweetest emotion in some of us. Could you share more about how you channel that versatility in your sound?

Diversity has always been a focus of mine and is an integral part of the project. Truthfully I think it’s taken time to hone in on that quality and make it feel seamless, but as time has gone on I think it’s definitely become a virtue and something that will help the project’s longevity. I think everyone can relate to having somewhat of a broad musical pallet, it’s not as if we stick to one form of music forever (though some of us might!), and it’s the same with creating music. I love to explore different genres, and I made it a focus to be able to express myself freely and thankfully people seem to have accepted that which is a blessing.

Many artists had a very difficult time with the pandemic limiting interaction, travel, and of course festivals. Coming from Australia, how do you feel about these changes and returning to festivals?

I spent the first part of the pandemic in Los Angeles, alone in my apartment, like many of us would have been, and it was extremely difficult to navigate and figure out what to put my energy into. Going back to Australia late last year helped me a lot mentally as I was able to be back with my family, and rediscover what was truly important to me.

I’m coming back into America and the festival season with a fresh outlook, but also with acceptance, knowing that this isn’t all over just yet and we still have to look out for each other as we always have. It’s a huge sigh of relief though, it felt like an extended limbo not being able to perform, but it was an exercise that made us all more resilient, and seeing everyone again for the first time back is an unreal feeling we as artists aren’t taking for granted.

Your release “Boom” with Ophelia Records, was a big hit. How does your newest single, “Breathe,” differ in terms of the creative process and listening experience?

“Boom” is subjectively my heaviest hitting tune to date. It lives in the dubstep realm and fits really well into the usual Blanke sound and project. “Breathe” is part of my new drum and bass “side project” called ÆON. It’s not totally separate from Blanke, but it’s there to differentiate my DnB from the rest of my music.

Drum and bass has been really impactful on my music taste as a whole growing up, and I’ve always wanted to write it and it’s only been recently that I’ve dived back into producing it and felt my production of the genre is at a point where I think I’m doing it justice. It’s the first record of mine to feature my own vocals as well! It’s an exciting but vulnerable feeling. I’m keen for people to hear it. I can’t thanks Deadbeats enough for being so supportive of my drum and bass project, the perfect partner to get this music out!

With a name like “Breathe,” some might expect this song to be more sentimental or emotional, but it is actually some upbeat. What headspace were you in when you began this track? Was there any specific inspiration for it?

The inspiration initially for it was to be a driving, bass-driven drum and bass track. I’m writing a lot of melodic, dancefloor DnB as well and when I wrote this I wanted to switch that up a little. By the time it came to what I thought was the end, I decided it needed vocals. I had a clear idea of what I wanted and so I decided to write it myself… and then sing it! It all happened very smoothly, I’m excited to write more for my own voice.

As shows and festivals continue to make their return in the US and other areas on the planet, what are your thoughts on getting back to playing live?

I’m ecstatic for us to be back together, I feel like the social part of our human nature was becoming so deprived. We need to stay as vigilant and aware as we can while we venture back to normality, but it’s been so great to see everyone again and to perform for them.

Finally, we also know that you’re an avid plant aficionado! What is your absolutely favorite plant friend, and what is one you would recommend for beginner plant parents?

Yes, I love them! Look, all plants are friends. I appreciate them all for different reasons. I love growing vegetables in my backyard and learning how to become more self-sustaining. I love all my leafy green indoor plants as they bring life and fresh air to my rooms. Then I LOVE being in forests, exploring, and just being totally surrounded by nature. It feels so grounding and refreshing!

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