Rising Star Alias Teel Brings the Bass with “Reign”

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Are you ready for the “Reign” of Alias Teel? This rising bass artist is quickly becoming one to watch and his latest tune is a scorcher!

Hailing from Colorado, Alias Teel is an emerging artist who specializes in slaughterous basslines and colorful sound design. Although he’s only been producing for two years, he’s drawn influence from the likes of LSDream, CharlestheFirst, and Tripp St – and has already begun to pack an incredible punch with his unmistakable sound. With only two official releases under his belt, Alias Teel now returns to the forefront with “Reign,” a blistering bass tune that will rightfully beckon to bassheads with each passing second.

“Reign” begins with a beautifully haunting swell of oscillating chords, blips, and record-scratched vocals. Luring the listener into an intergalactic trance, the intro alone emanates energy and otherworldly ambiance. As percussive elements pound and build in heart-stopping intensity, “Reign” descends into a cavernous swarm of guttural bass croaks and distorted synth waves. Heavy, yet strangely beautiful, Alias Teel’s newest release sweeps us off our feet with brain-bending sonic excellence, solidifying the up-and-comer at the top of our radar!

Alias Teel strives to weave stories via his intoxicating sonic artillery, stating that “Reign is a story about rising up and overcoming hardships by controlling your own destiny.” And he definitely accomplished his mission on this tune that clocks in at just over three minutes. It demands the attention of listeners from beginning to end and puts his growing production prowess on full display.

Undoubtedly, Alias Teel is barreling towards the upper echelons of experimental bass music with this stand-out tune. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for this aspiring bass maven – if his future releases are anything like “Reign,” we’re certain to keep them on repeat.

Alias Teel completely blew us away with “Reign.” Get an exclusive listen to the hot new single below, or stream or download the track upon its official release on September 10!

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