What So Not Made a Grand Return to 1015 Folsom

Photo Credit: @slvcker

What So Not rocked the house and brought an incredible experience to San Francisco at beloved nightclub 1015 Folsom.

The city of San Francisco is known as one of the hubs in the dance music scene, long now being known as the home of artists, labels, and brands such as Dirtybird, Vital Events, Wormhole Music Group, and more. With a constant stream of events, there’s always something to do or a special show to catch, and a recent experience for those in the Bay Area was What So Not at 1015 Folsom.

The beloved Australian artist returned to 1015 Folsom after nearly two years due to the pandemic, but he came prepared to knock everyone’s socks off with some banging tunes and a shocking supporting lineup filled with local talent. As approximately 1,500 people counted down the minutes, the nightclub quickly filled to the brim when doors opened at 9pm with fans both new and old who were ready to dance the night away.

It was clear from the moment everyone entered the club that there were some major upgrades that happened to the venue during the quarantine. A large, lifted stage sat upon what used to be a shorter platform for the DJs and performers. Above that hung a beautiful LED screen ready for visuals to flash across and take us further into the experience. Finally, the best upgrade a dance music enthusiast could ask for – a new setup of professional lasers to light up the night and guide us into the euphoria of the night.

The main room opened up with some major local talent including the likes of Chapas, who was a personal favorite, along with Bogl and Svnsix.

Chapas, Bogl, and Svnsix really brought their A-game, with a variety of trap, melodic, and experimental bass to keep the crowd roaring. The lineup was crafted beautifully, with each artist fitting the style in one way or another, while still adding their unique touch.

Chapas kicked it off with a high-energy set that had us all dancing and nodding our heads to the fast-paced beats. With a mixture of heavy dubstep and melodic sounds and Sable Valley-esque trap, he stirred the crowd with unseen power, making us wonder why he wasn’t direct support to What So Not for the night. He’s definitely at the top of our list of locals to keep an eye on after this performance, so make sure to catch him if you can.

Next up on the decks was Bogl, who brought the tempo down a smidge by playing some experimental bass that was filled with weird, wobbly sounds. Although experimental soundscapes doesn’t necessarily fit in the realm of nightclubs, fellow bassheads in the crowd were definitely grooving along to the low and slow bass that hit everyone right in the soul.

While this enlightening experience was happening in the main room, however, the upstairs room wasn’t far behind. The magic that occurred in the upstairs room was incredulous. We were able to experience some of that left-field trap and bass we all missed from festivals, brought to us by a Trash Fence takeover. The room was decorated with Beetlejuice-type sandworms, under festival canopies, and flow artists flooding the room.

This upstairs room was absolutely the place to be, but I couldn’t stay for too long. Returning quickly to the main room, the euphoric show carried on. Svnsix carried the crowd through the night with some hot DnB and house, setting the stage beautifully, just in time for What So Not’s incredible two-hour set.

Photo Credit: @slvcker

Finally, the stage was set, the lights were low, and the crowd was ready. What So Not walked on stage and the crowd went wild.

What So Not jumped on the decks and started off his set with some DnB to get the crowd jumping. The entire room shook to the rhythm of his music as he took us all back in time with a sprinkle of some Divide & Conquer classics before suddenly bringing us back full force by dropping his newest release, “The Change” with DMA’S. This set absolutely reminded us all of why he’s such a versatile and beloved name in the scene.

What So Not at 1015 Folsom was definitely a legendary event and a night that was much-needed for those of us stuck at home for over a year – and you can bet that he’ll be welcomed back with open arms. The overall energy and atmosphere of the show were impeccable, almost like that of a festival, so the next time you’re in San Francisco don’t sleep on catching a show at this venue.

Check out the 1015 Folsom calendar for upcoming shows, including Snakehips and G Jones, which you just might catch me at!

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