Makree Keeps It Festive with New Single “Heading South”


Makree dumps a load of joyful, tribal energy into “Heading South” – a track that sees him head back to Wh0’s Wh0 Plays imprint!

Makree is an artist from the Baltic music scene that has captured our love and attention ever since his breakout single with Secondcity, “Never Been In Love,” made it onto Danny Howard’s Nothing Else Matters imprint. Since then we’ve all been swooning for his captivating beats from the classic vibes of “Feel Good” to the groovy essence of “Gambia.” One thing that’s for sure is that Makree’s music will make you feel alive, and tomorrow he heads back to Wh0 Plays strapped with the bubbly vigor of “Heading South.”

“Heading South” is heading your way on Friday, September 3, and will include a very special remix from Dial9, an exciting up-and-coming star supported by Tiesto and Dombresky. But, you’ll just have to hold tight for one more sleep if you want to get into that. Right now, we have the original for your listening pleasure and it is going to inspire you to jump off the couch, grab the closest human (or animal), and dance until your feet say they’ve had enough!

The first thing you’ll notice is the inviting rhythm. If your head doesn’t start bobbing right out of the gate then you may want to check your pulse. And when the laser-like synths creep their way in, it’s time to party! From here the fun overflows as the warm tribal vocal and jolly drum accents inspire a celebration of life, love, and happiness. As the journey progresses, you’ll start to feel your body moving in ways it never has before. This is the gift of a great track – the ability to untie the bonds of self-consciousness as you enter a world saturated by pure freedom of expression.

When I first heard the sample I knew I had to flip it. After testing out first versions of it live, I knew this track had good energy and needed to be released ASAP. Feels great to have another release coming on Wh0 Plays Records with a banging remix from DIAL9 added to the package.

– Makree

Pre-order “Heading South” on your favorite music platform, stream the track below ahead of the September 3 release, and let us know what you think in the comment section!

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Makree - Heading South

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