Miilk Gets the “System Bumpin'” with New Release


Bass Hop duo Miilk gives us an exclusive listen to their newest single “System Bumpin’,” dropping on Wubaholics’ Underground Sounds Vol. 11.

Hailing from St. Louis and Denver, Spencer Flower and Christopher Murphy make up the eclectic duo, Miilk. The pair’s greatest influence is the Golden Age of hip-hop that originated from New York in the early ’90s, resulting in a style that the duo has coined as “Bass Hop.” Fusing underground hip-hop with hard-hitting basses, Miilk has consistently struck the perfect balance between the genres with each release. Now, the two have delivered their newest genre-bender, System Bumpin’.”

One of many hot new tracks on Wubaholics‘ saucy Underground Sounds Vol. 11 compilation, “System Bumpin'” gets the party started with slick lyricism and a knocking bassline. Clean in production yet absolutely filthy in sound, this tune seamlessly flips between record scratches and oscillating blips. Using elements of gnarly freeform bass, the tune’s swagged-out rhythm oozes danceable flavor while hypnotizing listeners with a slew of gritty synths. From start to finish, “System Bumpin'” is an unbeatable show-stopper with a sonic diversity that will pique the interest of fans across genres.

Sometimes producers have those moments where everything falls in line – you get into that flow state where the track seems to finish itself.


With such a funky fresh release on deck, it’s no surprise Miilk is creeping onto the radars of underground tastemakers everywhere. For fans of Bass Hop, check out their other recent self-release “Unexceptional” and be sure to keep an eye out for future party-starters from the duo!

Turn up the energy with an advance listen of Miilk’s newest release below, and stream or download “System Bumpin'” along with plenty of bass-fueled heaters to be released on Wubaholics’ Underground Sounds Vol. 11, out in full on August 22.

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