Bass Planet Unveils ‘SYZYGY 02’ Compilation

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Bass Planet returns with SYZYGY 02, a compilation filled with underground tastemakers in the realms of tearout, riddim, and color bass.

Bass Planet Collective is a Toronto-based record label focused on highlighting the best in bass, and they’ve become known for their impressive curation of sounds from the underground. Earlier this year the first volume of the label’s SYZYGY compilation series was born, consisting of three sub-EPs made up of seven songs each. Named ECLIPSE, TRANSIT, and OCCULT, the EPs showcase innovative sounds in dubstep and tearout, riddim, and melodic and color bass – now, Bass Planet returns with SYZYGY 02, and it’s a wild ride from start to finish!

Each sub-EP packs its own unique punch that few, if any, bassheads will be able to resist. While shredded sawtooth waves beckon to headbangers in ECLIPSE, TRANSIT brings the bounce with a slew of punchy riddim tunes as OCCULT transcends with upbeat harmonies and bright basses. With all 20 tracks oozing pure mayhem, it’s no surprise why SYZYGY 02 is one of our favorite heavy bass compilations yet, so be sure to read on to check out our favorite tunes from each sub-EP.

We couldn’t be more blown away from every track on SYZYGY 02! Listen below or stream or download on your favorite platform, and let us know in the comments which tracks you’ve got on repeat!

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It was incredibly difficult to pick a favorite on ECLIPSE, but our top picks are “Armada” and “Junk Food.”

Though quite literally every track on ECLIPSE is some of the best dubstep and tearout we’ve heard in a hot minute, Ipsiom‘s “Armada” and Moldae and PROTOS‘ “Junk Food” absolutely blew our minds. Animated chimes lead the track with cheerful energy before diving into a raucous swarm of obliterating basses and scrap metal trills in “Armada.” The tune somehow gets heavier and more aggressive with each passing second before ending with feather-light harmonies, and we’re left wondering how we’re going to survive. Then, “Junk Food” takes no prisoners and swoops in with deliciously evil fervor as haunting synths back a guttural rapid-fire of bass pandemonium, making this tune one of the wildest dubstep tunes we’ve heard this year.

Next up are some personal favorites on TRANSIT, “Critical Failure” and “Panda Mustache.”

One of the standouts on TRANSIT is spellthief‘s “Critical Failure.” Emanating swagger and a hard-hitting showcase of knocking synths and distorted basses, this tune revamps riddim with mechanical expertise. Meanwhile, “Panda Mustache” by MSF completely knocked our socks off on the latter half of the tune, where MSF flexes his godly flow with layers of annihilating sound. Oscillating basses pummel from every direction as “Panda Mustache” kicks things up a notch with deafening percussive elements and a bone-rattling rhythm. Undoubtedly, we’ll be keeping an eye on spellthief and MSF after hearing these fiery releases!

Last but definitely not least is OCCULT, where “Yomi” and “Knock Out” reside.

An exuberant display of modernized color bass, “Yomi” by Karyuu and DEFEND combines whimsical melodies with a slaughterous bassline and a slowed breakdown in the last minute that will snap necks with each warbled thwomp. Searching for something a little heavier? Look no further than Hevenly‘s “Knock Out,” where listeners will struggle to last a round against a murderous beatdown of mammoth-sized basses and industrial excellence.

We cannot emphasize enough that SYZYGY 02 is a standout release in the underground bass scene. Though we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites, there isn’t a single track on the compilation that we aren’t excited about. For fans of innovative bass music, keep an eye out for Bass Planet’s future installments of SYZYGY!

SYZYGY 02 – Tracklist:


  1. Famous Spear – Divergent
  2. Ipsiom – Armada
  3. Disconnect – Black Gates
  4. Delyrium – Verdict
  5. Moldae x PROTOS – Junk Food
  6. Clomp – Heaven
  7. DREER – Overmorrow


  1. spellthief – Critical Failure
  2. Finnuh – No Mercy
  3. MSF – Panda Machine
  4. Aggro – Advent
  5. DEATHERE – Dial Up
  6. Rastareese – Daddy Chill


  1. Vimori – U Make Me
  2. Karyuu x DEFEND – Yomi
  3. KNODE x Freezur – Need
  4. Khamis – Vacuum
  5. Vanatice – My Way
  6. Hevenly – Knock Out
  7. Crystallis – Grain Tape
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