Cripplingg Unleashes Future Riddim Tune “Sakura Pain”


Cripplingg kicks off 2021 for Never Say Die: Black Label with his debut EP, Sucks, and a fresh standout track called “Sakura Pain”!

Cripplingg is a newcomer to the bass scene that is surely making a name for himself this year. He already has a few noteworthy releases under his belt including “Bleepware” with Octane and “Stupid” with Veer that drew the attention of many. The most recent release to land was “Colors,” which came out on Oolacile‘s Halycon label and gave fans a glimpse into Cripplingg’s venture into future riddim.

Now, Cripplingg and Never Say Die: Black Label are pushing the future riddim sub-genre further with his debut EP Sucks. The best way to describe this budding sub-genre is that it combines the hard-hitting drums of riddim with a focus on harmonics, melodies, and creative synths. 2021 is set to be a huge year for this new style and Cripplingg is ahead of the curve with his new EP.

One of the new tracks on the EP, “Sakura Pain” gets right into the action. It starts off with a dark, moody melody that quickly transitions into chords that set the scene even further for the immaculate drop of the track. The drop hits hard, but its subtle melody leads the drums and detuned synths effortlessly. Cripplingg did an impressive job of conveying emotion throughout “Sakura Pain,” you can’t help but get lost in the tune from start to finish!

On the track “Sakura Pain”, I used Serum with Vocodex. My inspiration was to make Future Riddim, as I’m really into the genre right now. I gave it the name “Sakura Pain” because I tried to incorporate some Japanese influence into the melody, along with some melancholic undertones.


Get an exclusive listen to “Sakura Pain” by Cripplingg on SoundCloud below, stream the rest of the Sucks EP on your favorite platform when it drops on January 8, and let us know what you think of the track in the comments!

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