Vintage & Morelli and Arielle Maren Bring Forth ‘The Light’ on New Album

Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren

Progressive house producer Vintage & Morelli teamed up with Arielle Maren to produce a new, 12-track album dubbed The Light on Monstercat Silk.

Progressive house fans everywhere have been yearning for more Vintage & Morelli ever since his step onto the scene in the early 2010s. Over the years the Serbian DJ and producer has unveiled huge tracks like “Daydream” and his remix of “We Know” by BoomJinx and Soundprank, while generating a strong fanbase centered around his groovy, melodic sound. This time around, with the help of the beautiful singer/songwriter Arielle Maren, he’s created an album of epic proportions entitled The Light.

Out now on Monstercat Silk, this 12-track album takes listeners on an exploration through love, heartbreak, and beauty with the two artists finding harmony along the way. The album goes from toe-tapping hits such as “Stranded” and “Valley of Hope” to emotional hard-hitters like “Gift of The Gods” and “The Other Side.” Each one is dripping with emotion and will tug at your heartstrings along the way as Vintage & Morelli and Arielle Maren guide everyone to a state of dance music bliss.

Every track from the album carries a message that we’ve personally endured and are sure others are also currently facing. From struggles to hope, from darkness to light, we want to remind our listeners that despite their challenges, all will eventually fall into place. Our album is a memento of our journey to finding the light.

Vintage & Morelli

Be sure to stream The Light on your favorite platform, and read below for a deeper look at this incredible album.

Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren – The Light on Spotify:

The Light starts off uplifting, then escalates to energetic, before getting insanely emotional.

The previously released single “Dreamers” is up first to give that dreamy feel with positive lyrics, a celestial soundscape, and bouncy percussions. These percussion elements can be heard all throughout the album, and have actually given Vintage & Morelli his signature sound – a punchy kick, an intense crash cymbal, a slappy hi-hat, and a bouncing bassline. It makes him a standout progressive house artist and it really pulls the listeners into the groove.

The vocal accents and smooth soundscapes in “Gift From The Gods” lead into the lyrics on “The Light” that say “You are the light of my life,” as the title track catapults it into the next leg of the journey. Without wasting any time, Vintage & Morelli and Arielle Maren set the energetic mood with some crazy uplifters sure to make anyone dance.

The incredible breakdown in “Other Side” and the lyrics to “Valley of Hope” add some greatly appreciated emotion to the album. Tracks like these speak to the more Vintage & Morelli’s more emotive side of his productions. Once you’ve been whisked away by the unique soundscape, the vocals really add to the feeling that the album is trying to put out. Arielle Maren really helps to beautifully communicate these feelings across tracks like these and other tracks throughout the album.

There’s a deeper, more laid-back sound to this album as well that contrasts with the energetic tones found within it.

Also released ahead of the album, “Away” has more of an easy-going feel. A slower BPM is introduced on this one as it’s paired with vocal filters to make the track stand tall among others. The same can be said with the track “Taunt of the Flutes” which seems to be meant for a sunny, airy, beachy vibe rather than a darkened nightclub. Vintage & Morelli really plays with an array of sounds throughout the album, including an Indian flute and light bongos, giving it such a refreshing and relaxing feel. These changes in pace and tone are much appreciated as it gives a well-rounded sound throughout the album and avoiding making it sound monotonous.

Heartbeat” is a vocal gem that includes loving lyrics. “I can feel your heartbeat in my bones,” Arielle Maren sings as the song takes a break from the percussions and focuses on building the melody for a euphoric drop. The track continues to swallow in the listener, taking them on a relaxing journey aided by background vocals and bubbly basslines.

In the last part of the album, Vintage & Morelli and Arielle Maren take us back to the club, then gently drops us off in an ambient paradise.

We’re back to that classic catchy club style with some beachy elements thrown in with “Stranded.” Maren’s voice is brought back as the focal point here, as well as those percussions and that oh-so delightful bassline. Similar to the other tracks of this sound, not a soul can possibly sit still while listening. “Talisman” has the same sort of vibes, even with softer sounds being added into the breakdown. Even though this track just has vocal accents instead of lyrics, the poppiness is still not lost and is only emphasized by the catchy sounds.

The touching track “Tocadores” meets us toward the end with breathy words and a Spanish guitar. This penultimate track is the start of a double whammy of more ambient sounds that the album closes its journey with. Coupled with “Together,” these tracks provide a much-needed breath of fresh air after the other ten dance-inducing tracks. The final track gives a sustained piano, soft hi-hats, and smooth synth chords to put us into a relaxing mood. A final reverbed vocal note is given at the end, signaling that the track, and subsequently the album, has come to a close.

Saying we enjoyed this album would be a bit of an understatement. After Vintage & Morelli’s eclectic album Hymn To The Night was released in 2019, the bar was set pretty high for future releases – and together, with Arielle Maren, he blew away expectations. The Light is a bit of a new venture for him with vocals playing such a prominent role, but the execution was flawless. We can only hope that these two continue to work together well into the future.

Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren – The Light – Tracklist:

  1. Dreamers
  2. Gift From The Gods
  3. The Light
  4. Valley Of Hope
  5. Other Side
  6. \Away
  7. Heartbeat
  8. Stranded
  9. Taunt Of The Flutes
  10. Talisman
  11. Tocadores
  12. Together

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