Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge Team Up with Meditation Platform MEYA


As the world heals from the pandemic, Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge look to help others find peace through the meditation platform MEYA.

The experience of being human in the current state of the world can fill the senses with unexpected worries and stresses, but mindful moments can build a gateway to trust and elevate you to a better mental state. A key component for triggering a deeper presence and connectedness is music, which can bring radiating energy and help renew the body, mind, and soul as sound frequencies induce a meditative state. Now, Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge have teamed up with the mediation platform MEYA to help listeners dive deeper into their awareness and release the everyday stresses of the universe.

MEYA is a platform that was launched with the intent to help those looking to harness rhythm and connectivity through music to help reduce stress, bring peace to the mind, and achieve a deeper state of meditation. There are three stages on the journey – Music, Mind, and Awakening – that help those who use the app do just that through the use of binaural beats that are recorded in 432 Hz. Featuring everything from ambient soundscapes to uplifting electronic beats, there are a range of tools at the user’s disposal to reach a state of sleep, meditation, inspiration, and more.

Those familiar Lee Burridge’s label, All Day I Dream, know how immersive the tunes he creates are as well as the experience while listening feels like he’s lifting you off into the clouds. His track on MEYA, “Float On,” is no different. Found on Melt that was released with Lost Desert back in 2019, it’s entrancing from start to finish. Jamie Jones also offers up a serene soundscape to explore with the exclusive tune, “Choice.” Unlike what is typically heard at his Paradise parties, this track showcases the softer side of his production as he plays with more of a serene downtempo beat produced at 432 Hz and a vocal inclusion to help guide listeners to a state of deep presence.

What I like about MEYA is that I’ve always found the different frequencies that are used to record music very interesting. I came across 432 a few years before I discovered the MEYA app. I was really intrigued to find out whether your body did feel differently listening to music tuned to this frequency. I noticed I only had to meditate for half as long to get the same feeling. I felt that the combination of mediation and the sounds available made it much easier and more effective in a shorter period of time. I was gaining the same benefits in half the amount of meditation time. In my opinion, it definitely feels like you get more out of it without having to be as advanced or meditate for as long.

Jamie Jones

Now, with music festivals now surfacing this year, Jamie Jones, Lee Burridge, and MEYA are presenting a new way for listeners to increase their vibration through the gift of sound and to shake off the post-pandemic stress as participants kindle new connections on the dancefloor in pure bliss. The mental strength this collaboration is providing to their listeners is a peaceful way to heal over the past year to find a relaxed state of mind.

Both tracks, “Choice” and “Float On,” are available via MEYA. So give it a listen and let us know how each track keeps you uplifted to new heights and grounded simultaneously in the comments!

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