Lubelski Offers Up Fresh Cuts of ‘The Universal Groove’


Lubelski adds a new twist to his album, The Universal Groove, with hot remixes from artists like Ardalan, Cut Snake, and more.

SoCal native DJ and producer Lubelski has added a new flare to listen to his album, The Universal Groove, which he released last year by collaborating with industry icons and friends. Since then, he condensed the sound and feel from the album, and looked to other brilliant artists to put their spin on the tracks that he masterfully created. Now, the album has been reborn through the Percomaniacs label and brings fresh, innovative soundscapes to carry listeners to a state of electronic bliss.

The sounds on The Universal Groove Remixes include upbeat and faster tempos that will be sure to keep the heart beating to the rhythm in an entirely new meaning. The collection incorporates various styles and fresh takes from Lubelski and friends that include everyone from Ardalan and Cut Snake to Sylvan Paul and Doc Martin. Undoubtedly, the theme of the album is a genuine connection that lies within everyone’s heart on the dancefloor shared when all unite for the love of music, and the flurry of remixes puts that on full display as well.

Listen to The Universal Groove Remixes on Spotify below, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and read on for some of my thoughts on the remixes found within it!

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Lubelski starts off the album with his reinvented remix of the title track “The Universal Groove” with jazzy piano keys.

The contrasting element included for “The Universal Groove” that Lubelski demonstrates is a brighter, faster tempo with sustaining anticipation through piano keys. Kaleena Zanders vocals are intertwined with the rhythm as the subtle kicks blend perfectly through the song as it finishes. Another standout artist, Melé, joins in on the fun as well as this UK artist offers up a sensational cut.

The following track, “Slippin,” features a slower progression courtesy of Ardalan that contrasts with the darker sounds from last year’s album. Jackson England layers his voice on the track, while Ardalan emphasizes the echo in his voice and blends throughout the teetering arpeggios. This cut feels psychedelic and meditative.

Then, the Because of Art remix of “Somebody Like You” keeps the momentum going with a plethora of staccato of hi-hats, rides, and a melody. These sounds contrast with the darker tones presented with the drop of the album release last year with the help of RYBO and SOHMI, they’ve made it a dreamy groove to sink deep within the heartstrings. Sylvan Paul also enters the conversation with a cut of “What I Would Do to Teleport to You” that is simply sublime with its immersive soundscape.

My two favorite remixes on the release are Cut Snake’s cut of “Time to Time” and Beth Lydi and Andreas Henneberg’s take on “Blue Faces.”

For his remix of “Time to Time,” Cut Snake hits a spacey rhythmic groove that uplifts the senses throughout the track to blast listeners off to the cosmos. Beth Lydi and Andreas Henneberg also produce an intoxicating, hypnotic feel with echoing funky lyrics that amp up the fun within the song layered with a tropical drumset on “Blue Face.” They emphasize the flare and fun with Lubelski’s vision for the album while continuing the feel-good house attitude.

As the listener is drifting through towards the end of The Universal Groove Remixes, MADVILLA and Sly Turner demonstrate their eclectic abilities on “Network 4 Networth.” 

The lyrics that Musashi brings to the song are a satirical statement about “play in the dirt,” this song motivates to “put in the work” to uphold a higher sense of “self-worth.” MADVILLA’s remix floats onto listeners’ ears with full attention by bubbling up a melody while zapping a laser-like bassline that overwhelms the cardio-vascular system of the body to really make it pop. Sly Turner’s take on the track gently unfolds the mystery of the groove. It allows the listener to take a melodic dip into the refreshing sound that is curated to completion.

Finally, the remix album comes close with legendary producer Doc Martin‘s take with “Crashing Down.” The sustaining subwoofers lead the cooldown into a field of rhythm from cowbells to break up the smooth melting soundscapes harmonious, sculpting a new reality. It’s a perfect way to bring this collection to a close.

Lubelski curated a multi-faceted talent with music professionals that exhibit an anthem to celebrate the universal love of music.

The album of remixes can be understood and felt with each beat that is sent straight to the heartstrings. Lubelski’s skillsets unify each track to exhibit his sound and share the heart within his art. This remix album is just the start for the party to be celebrated back on the dancefloor to feel together whole-heartedly!

Lubelski – The Universal Groove Remix – Tracklist:

  1. The Universal Groove (Lubelski Remix)
  2. The Universal Groove (Melé Remix)
  3. Slippin’ (Ardalan Remix)
  4. Somebody Like You (Because of Art Remix)
  5. Can’t Rewind (Joluca Remix)
  6. Time to Time (Cut Snake Remix)
  7. What I Would Do to Teleport to You (Sylvan Paul Remix)
  8. Blue Faces (Beth Lydi, Andreas Henneberg Remix)
  9. Network 4 Networth (MADVILLA Remix)
  10. Network 4 Networth (Sly Turner Remix)
  11. Crashing Down (Doc Martin Remix)
Lubelski The Universal Groove Remixes

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