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Morgin Madison channels the art of storytelling on his magical, debut album, Living the Phantasm, which is out now on mau5trap!

Morgin Madison is a rising star bursting with talent. The former lobbyist and fellow Linkin Park devotee continues to quickly grow and evolve as an artist with each passing release. Already backed by well-respected labels like mau5trap, Nora En Pure’s Purified, and Le Youth’s PRGRSSN, it’s clear that folks in the industry knew how special he is as well. 

During the COVID-era, Morgin Madison felt like the rest of us as we battled to process the world falling apart. In particular, the music industry, which took one of the biggest blows and continues to slowly recover from it all. As a result, he turned to something he does well, create and produce music. His debut album, Living the Phantasm is the byproduct that explores the impact 2020 had from his point of view. 

The album features 12 dreamy tracks that offer a stunning listening experience from start to finish. For nearly an hour, you’re submerged into the imagination of Morgin Madison. Between the vocals, impressive melodies, and feelings of nostalgia—Living the Phantasm is a divine creation that deserves admiration and attention.

Treat yourself to the beautiful sounds of Morgin Madison’s Living the Phantasm. You can purchase or stream the album on your preferred platform, and read on for my thoughts about the album itself!

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The experience kicks off with “Initialize the Phantasm,” a beautiful introductory song that swallows you whole.

The collection of angelic sounds on “Initialize the Phantasm” create this air-like symphony that seamlessly builds up to the gates of euphoria. As the melody progresses and transforms into an angelic-like state, the piano chords delight the ears with dreamy vocals fading in and out in unison. The sounds blend like butter into the next song “I Hate Portals,” which is a flawless continuation from the lead track.

A fade occurs and “Far From Home” enters the chat with Gregg Sgar lending his voice to its uplifting melody and chord progression. The high-pitched vocals of feed into the heartwarming progressiveness of the tune and, as a whole, the song feels flowy and exhilarating in spirit.

“Club Dystopia” experiments with a deeper, progressive melody that fluctuates in production causing tension between reality and the imagination.

There’s a blissful moment that begins around the two-minute mark of “Club Dystopia” – a moment destined to leave an imprint on your soul. For over a minute, Madison creates this glorious buildup that’s indescribable, it’s something that you have to experience. During that span, there’s an opportunity for the imagination and trance-like state to step back its control, however, the drop causes a nervous tension. But soon after it effortlessly goes back into that deeper, progressive melody which transitions into “Start Again.” 

“Start Again” features the heavenly vocals that feed nuggets of hopefulness back into the soul. The melody is a true dream that feels wholesome. There are feelings of nostalgia as the progressiveness of the tune reignites memories of the glorious 2012 dance music era.

The final half of Living the Phantasm is where we reach peak euphoria.

“Feels Like” provides relief and that sweet moment of exhaling. With the divine vocals, chilling lyrics, and impeccable melody, you can’t help but lose yourself in the music. For a split second, it feels like when the world was “normal” – a memory of when times were easier and when we all felt like ourselves. “Gamma” is this delicious ball of melodic greatness and the journey of this song is truly special. The groovy melody will send chills throughout your body as you’re tangled in this web of cheerfulness. The uplifting piano chords and synths work together so beautifully and continue the experience of euphoria.

“Sun Walker” feels like a symbol for moving forward. There’s a sense of ease and celebration throughout the melody as the beautiful symphony of sounds evokes the feeling of happiness. And right before the final drop, the words “I’m not afraid,” further enhance that uplifting nature. A bonus is that the song is three minutes and 30 seconds long, which my friends are what we call an angel number. Hello, universe, we’re listening.

“Reflect” is melodic perfection. The act of reflection can work in many ways, and in this song, it represents growth. To look back and realize how far you’ve come and how strong you are, and how you’re a survivor. The fact we survived 2020 is something worth crediting ourselves for. As the song progresses, you hear the vocals sing “I just want to feel alive, in the starlight, I see in your eyes.” That’s when the sweet moment of gratitude overwhelms us because we live to see another day.

The album closes with “All These Worlds,” which is smooth and relaxing.

All These Worlds” is a beautiful way to end this magical experience. I walked away thinking about perspective and how that is everything. We have the freedom to choose and decide “what we want it to be.” The album itself is a dance with imagination and escapism, two things we all craved in 2020 amidst the madness. Morgin Madison tapped into his feelings and mental state to create a beautiful masterpiece of a debut album – I’m impressed and feel honored to have digested this beauty. 

Morgin Madison – Living the Phantasm – Tracklist:

  1. Initialize the Phantasm
  2. I Hate Portals
  3. Far From Home feat. Gregg Sgar
  4. Club Dystopia
  5. Start Again
  6. Rise
  7. Free DLC
  8. Feels lIKE
  9. Gamma
  10. Sun Walker
  11. Reflect
  12. All These Worlds
Morgin Madison - Living the Phantasm - Album Art

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