Owais Showcases the Sounds of Egypt with a Melodic Mix


Melodic House & Techno artist Owais shows us the sounds of Egypt with a melodic mix that’s brimming with IDs and remixes!

Yosef Owais, professionally known as Owais, is doing his part to help with the growth of the electronic music scene in Egypt. Inspired by the infinite sounds and possibilities of electronic music, this Cairo-based DJ and producer began diving into the scene back in 2011, teaching himself along the way. Since then, he’s found his niche in the realm of progressive and melodic house, creating otherworldly soundscapes that transport listeners to another state of mind.

Blending a mix of uplifting, celestial, and sometimes darker vibes Owais brings a welcome fresh new perspective to the electronic music scene. Over the years he’s landed releases like Kyoto in December/Together on Elliptical Sun Melodies to further showcase his sound. More recently, he put his spin on El-Morabba3’s “Ma Indak Khabar” and gave it a twist that will surely resonate with house music lovers.

In this exclusive mix curated for This Is Home, Owais showcases the sounds of Cairo and weaves together an incredible mix packed full of IDs, edits, and remixes. Although relatively new in the scene, the mix and productions have a polished sound and paint a bright future for this up-and-coming producer. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned for more from him in 2021 and beyond.

Even though the electronic dance music scene in Egypt has been evolving in a promising way over the last decade but still, we have a lot to catch up on since the variety of genres remains to be very limited. However, when I was introduced to this music back in 2011, I instantly fell in love with it. Being 13 at the time, everything about it felt different in a good way. the sounds, the energy, and most importantly, the community that felt the same way I did.


Putting Cairo on the map for This Is Home, Owais really took us on a journey with his dreamy melodic mix. So give it a spin, follow him on socials, and let us know what you think of the mix in the comments!

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