Avant Gardner and DICE Partner for Mobile-Friendly Ticketing

The Avant Gardner

Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner looks to make ticketing transactions safer and easier by joining forces with the all-digital platform, DICE.

Renowned New York City music venue Avant Gardner is ramping back up after the loss of shows due to the pandemic and recently signed a digital ticketing partnership with DICE. During the multi-year deal, DICE will handle ticketing for all events at the esteemed venue and complex, including the Brooklyn Mirage, the Great Hall, and the Kings Hall. The agreement between the two makes Avant Gardner the largest venue in the United States to offer fans an all paperless ticketing experience. 

Since finding their footing in the United States, DICE has proved to be a hit at five independent venues including Elsewhere, Saint Vitus, and Public Records in New York, Sound in Los Angeles, and Spybar in Chicago. The platform has previously handled all ticketing needs for shows and live streams of top-notch names in the music industry.

Guest experience is always at the forefront of our focus. Ticketing & marketing is a huge piece of that, and DICE has developed a platform that helps create a true community of fans while ensuring tickets go into the hands of real buyers. We are very excited to be partnering with an innovative, forward-thinking company and unlock the full potential of the platform together.

Kenny Schachter, Head of Programming & Partnerships of Avant Gardner

By teaming up with the state-of-the-art technology DICE offers, Avant Gardner is ensuring mobile tickets are locked in the buyer’s smartphone and not land in the hands of ill-intentioned scalpers. And in the case that fans find themselves needing to release ticket/s purchased, the platform’s ready to offer refunds to sold-out shows and waitlists as well for those highly desired ones.

Avant Gardner creates the sort of life-changing nights out we miss the most, those epic moments with 5,000 strangers and your favourite artist. They’ve been masterfully delivering the world’s best talent at scale in the heart of Brooklyn for years, and we are excited to now play a part in their journey.


Since Avant Gardner was a leading club venue for total ticket sales in 2019, it makes sense for them to take the reins in this department and think ahead by looking out for fans’ security once events are back in full swing. And when live events get the green light, expect the indoor-outdoor complex with a unique setting in a retired 80,000-square-foot-steel manufacturing mill to come back and claim the title for being a leader in ticket sales and hosting globally acclaimed artists.

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