Folamour Announces Album with Captivating Title Track “The Journey”

Photo Credit: Baptiste Le Quiniou

Folamour, the “Man of the People,” unveils the details about his third album with the drop of its funky title track “The Journey” with Zeke Manyika.

If you are familiar with French producer Folamour, then you know he is well-known for the feel-good vibes in his music. While he’s played countless shows that included well over 100 in 2019 alone, it’s his releases that have been turning the heads of fans, tastemakers, and fellow artists alike. Folamour’s 2017 album Umami showcased his unique nu-disco sound while Ordinary Drugs in 2019 brought forth a new, more ambient vibe.

Now, Folamour has carried on with his releases after dropping “Just Want Happiness” earlier this year, and the most recent tune on his imprint FHOU Records continues to bring his infectious vibe. Acting as the announcement for his next LP, the title track “The Journey” features Zimbabwean vocalist Zeke Manyika and is out now along with a music video to add extra depth.

“The Journey,” a breezy record that features airy keys and slinky synths, sticks true to Folamour’s newer, more melodic sound that he first debuted with his second album Ordinary Drugs. And much like other tracks in his discography, both nu-disco and not, that downtempo vibe is perfectly balanced with a vibrant, funk-driven bassline groove.

I composed this album in metropolises and no man’s land, inspired by moments that marked me, changed me, feelings that I could carry strong within me, trials and surprises. To express all these emotions, I deeply changed my way of composing, a change that I had already started with my second album “Ordinary Drugs”, putting aside samples and computers and concentrating on writing texts, recording strings and brass, drums, voice too, in order to be as close as possible to the moment I wanted to represent. I set no limits on format or genre, allowing me the freedom to choose the right tool for the picture.


Also included with today’s release is the tracklist for The Journey, which teases tracks such as “Lost In Space” with SG Lewis and “Latécoère.” But if the title track and the aforementioned “Just Want Happiness” are setting the tone for what’s to come, then this is shaping up to be a truly fantastic album when it drops this summer.

Check out the music video for “The Journey” below, download or stream the track on your favorite platform, and stay tuned for more from Folamour as the album release arrives closer on the horizon.

Watch the video for Folamour’s “The Journey” on YouTube:

Folamour – The Journey – Tracklist:

  1. Ono Waterfall
  2. The Journey (ft. Zeke Manyika)
  3. Resonate
  4. Rue de Paradis (ft. Tertia May)
  5. Latécoère
  6. Lost In Space (ft. SG Lewis)
  7. St. Moskov
  8. Truth 
  9. We Gotta Wake This World Up From Its Sleep
  10. My Brother’s Keeper
  11. La Fin Des Vacances
  12. Just Want Happiness
Folamour The Journey
Photo Credit: Baptiste Le Quiniou

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