Subtronics Partners with Twitch for CyclopsArmyTV

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Subtronics and Cyclops Recordings have announced a partnership with Twitch for CyclopsArmyTV to bring a flurry of fresh streams.

One of the artists who has continued to actively shape the bass music scene since making his grand arrival is Subtronics. Known for his boundary-breaking releases and wonky performances, he’s also known for being actively involved with his fans and fellow producers to help the scene grow. Throughout everything he does, though, is the mission to spread positivity and unconditional kindness, something that the world could definitely use right now.

Last year saw Subtronics launch his own bass-heavy label, Cyclops Recordings, which has already delivered some fantastic tunes for fans to feast on. Much like many other DJs, he dipped his toes into the digital realm with livestream performances and the launch of his channel CyclopsArmyTV. That channel has swelled in popularity over the past year with thousands who tune in to learn more about the bass maestro and crave some fresh sounds too.

Now, with a fresh start in 2021, Subtronics is doubling-down on Twitch with a newly announced partnership for his stream that is powered by a computer built by Artesian. Each week, he invites fans to join him to submit demos and hang out as he tells jokes, talks about life, and gives fans the opportunity to hear unreleased music before anyone else.

Twitch is the easiest, most direct way to talk with my fans in real-time. I love sharing my process and thoughts in regards to both music and life, so just having an audience of people who care to hang out virtually and listen to my silly rants is truly awesome and appreciated. I’ve also found a good bit of talent through Twitch chat rooms and other various dubstep streams on there. It has helped me scout talent and make friends, but most importantly of all, Twitch has helped me stay inspired.


Between his newly announced label, his partnership with Twitch, and plentiful collaborations to come, 2021 is set to be a huge year for Subtronics. Make sure to follow Subtronics on Twitch and tune into his weekly stream and catch up on the latest happenings with Cyclops Recordings.

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