partywithray Gets Us “In The Mood” with New Single


The elusive partywithray makes his debut on 40oz Cult with a dark and playful club banger that will put anyone “In The Mood.”

When we covered the partywithray’s collaboration with Zhu in 2019, we knew this wouldn’t be the last we’d hear from this mystifying producer. On that 2019 release, partywithray seemed to come out of nowhere and dropped into the scene in spectacular fashion teaming up with Zhu right out of the gate. He then spent 2020 releasing club bangers on his eponymous imprint, partywithray records, priming the pump for his debut on 40oz Cult in 2021 with his new single “In The Mood“.

If there’s a common theme of partywithray’s tracks it’s the combination of deep and dark basslines with playful tunes that scream to be played loud in the club. The driving four-on-the-floor rhythm will have listeners dancing in a frenzy with the final thread arriving as simple vocal phrases, playfully tuned and repeated. These vocals will hook into your mind with themes often either politically subversive or common club jargon – both equally mischievous and thrilling.

“In The Mood” opens with a driving beat that never lets up – and neither will you once you start moving. True to form, the vocal phrases drop in to keep the momentum and give the listener another hook as the track builds into the first drop. Honestly, if nothing changed after the drop, this would already be a gripping track. However, partywithray does not let up with reverberating synths and fresh vocals that follow it to make for a seriously infectious combination.

After the second drop, the reverbs only get deeper, and darker. The juxtaposition of dark beats and playful vocals is superb and will carry you towards the end of the track where the initial build is broken down beautifully into the closing “goddamn” lyric. This track ends on a dime, and a seriously dope dime at that, so make sure to give it a listen.

So hyped to be starting 2021 with this track on 40 Oz Cult. And I can’t wait to perform this live, the energy will be crazy!


Get an exclusive listen to “In The Mood” ahead of its release tomorrow on SoundCloud below, pre-save the track on your favorite platform, and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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