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Space Yacht - TECH MY HOUSE VOL. 1 - Cover

Space Yacht releases the first volume of Tech My House, a dreamy compilation of tech house tunes to celebrate their sixth anniversary.

When you’re innovative, big things happen. Just ask Space Yacht founders, Rami Perlman and Henry Lu. What started as a weekly secret party in Hollywood in 2015 quickly transformed into a highly respected brand. And it’s because of their love for dance music that they created a dedicated space for party-goers who couldn’t get enough. 

Fast forward six years and Space Yacht has curated a special kind of reputation among their peers and the scene. By 2019, Space Yacht expanded its brand and created a handful of sub-brands that celebrate the different sounds of house music. With events that span from Tech My House to Big Bass Ting to The Black Hole to House Madness, there’s something for everyone. Not only do they host sick events, but these pioneers also continue to offer opportunities for new artists to thrive on their platform.

Unfortunately, the pandemic canceled many Space Yacht projects, including their annual anniversary bash. Instead of throwing a party this year, Space Yacht is celebrating its sixth anniversary with the first volume of Tech My House, a compilation album that consists of 23 artists and 17 tracks for one groovy experience. 

The neat thing about the compilation is that majority of the artists were found on Space Yacht’s Twitch show Tune Reactor. It’s a show that consists of demo listening, first reactions, and music review. Once again, Perlman and Lu created a space for new talent to submit music and as a result, the show inspired them to start Space Yacht Records in October of last year. And the rest is history. 

For 67 blissful minutes, TECH MY HOUSE gives you the highs and lows of the perfect tech house set. From start to finish the album is full of energy, groovy basslines, sick vocals, and will boost your mood to the right kind of feels. Stream Tech My House Vol. 1 now, listen to the epic Megamix on SoundCloud, and read on for a deeper dive into the release.

Stream Space Yacht’s – Tech My House Vol. 1 Megamix on SoundCloud:

First, let’s celebrate every artist on this compilation.

Every artist featured on Tech My House Volume 1 killed it and should be very proud of themselves. Each song brings something a little different to the tech house sphere and that’s worth acknowledgment. But just like any compilation, a handful of artists made a stellar first impression and I couldn’t resist the energy they put out. 

Let’s start with one of the bangers off the album, “Rattlesnake” by SkiiTour. This Canadian duo is known for creating feel-good house music and they delivered with a powerful opener that features the sickest drops. It’s the perfect song that sets the tone for the album and instantly ignites a domino effect of high energy. 

Other heavy hitters include “The Devil,” by MR.STILØ, “Worth It,” by Casmalia, and “Step Back” by Lee Wells.

They’re all unique in their own way, but “The Devil” instantly gave me those Tchami vibes as MR.STILØ used a ton of quirky, funky sounds while maintaining a soulful bassline. “Worth It” is a sweet package of minimal tech at its finest with a melody that’s easy to groove to without any hesitation. To some Casmalia is brand new, but she was featured on mau5trap x Insomniac Records: Volume 2 and is definitely an artist everyone should be paying attention to. And Lee Wells’ “Step Back” features all that deep tempo magic with a yummy scoop of soulfulness, this track in particular possesses a ton of personality.

Wait For Me and Eon, Aidan Sokol, and Ocean Roulette and Burko left me speechless with their tunes.

The last three songs are truly something special. “I Keep Thinkin’,” by Wait For Me and Eon packs a punch in a cool house kind of way. The production quality is top tier with an insane amount of range. The melody, vocals, build-ups, and drops work together in such a dynamic way. My favorite song fluctuates between “I Keep Thinkin’,” and “UP” by Aidan Sokol. Perhaps it’s the techno traits in “UP” that leave me wanting more, but Sokol showed out on this tune. It’s bonkers.

Finally, “Tribes” by Ocean Roulette and Burko doesn’t disappoint as the album’s closing track. It’s packed with emotion and beautiful execution, but the part that steals the show is the underlying message. Take care of your tribe and the people you love because that actually matters.

Needless to say, Space Yacht did something special with Tech My House Volume 1. Keep it coming. No pressure.

Space Yacht’s – Tech My House Vol. 1 – Tracklist:

  1. SkiiTour — Rattlesnake
  2. MR.STILØ — The Devil 
  3. Ranger Trucco — Sunday Best
  4. Tony H — Loud Music
  5. Cris Ferro, XENO — Vibez
  6. Dipzy, Luke Andy — Show You
  7. Qlank — Cell Phone
  8. VOUTI — Take A Walk (feat. LondonBridge)
  9. Poolhaus, Local Singles — Lose Control (feat. Boiish)
  10. Mikey Barreneche — Killa
  11. Casmalia — Worth It
  12. Lee Wells — Step Back
  13. RachEP — Blend
  14. Warren Blake — Cross The Pond
  15. Wait For Me, Eon — I Keep Thinkin’
  16. Aidan Sokol — UP
  17. Ocean Roulette, Burko – Tribes
Space Yacht - TECH MY HOUSE VOL. 1 - Cover

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