Angelo Jsn & Staghorns Release Flavorful ‘Sundae Drivers’ EP

Angleo Jsn & Staghorns Sundae Drivers

Angelo Jsn and Staghorns deliver food for thought as they land on Fantastic Voyage with the three-track Sundae Drivers EP.

Fantastic Voyage is sailing into the new year with plenty of new artists in tow. Two of those artists are Angelo Jsn and Staghorns that found safe harbor among Justin Jay’s crew with their three-track EP, Sundae Drivers. This collaborative release serves up plenty of flavor with its chilled out beats that are perfect for those days when you want your worries to melt away.

Angelo Jsn and Staghorns start the ride with and satiate appetites of deep house lovers on lead track “Sundae Driving” which offers up a palatable beat and nostalgic samples. If there’s one thing this track does, it definitely increases the food for thought mentality as listeners bask the basslines that bounce and rattle the brain leading them to drift in and out of consciousness.

The second track of the three-course meal sees Staghorns lead the charge with “Soup Almond.” As the tempo picks up, he layers in the ingredients and a rich blend of spices for a wholesome dish that will intrigue the soul. He incorporates more snares and hi-hats that amp up the glaze with an intricacy that allows the mind curious and craving more.

To finish off the meal Angelo Jsn brings forth “Geuze” which features a delightful groove that will relax anyone of their everyday stresses. There are few things better than a nice beer after a long day, and this track exemplifies that in full as it takes the listener on a visual journey across its vast soundscape. The vocals sampled in the track bring a perfect bite, but the melodic structure is what softens the head and heart cohesively through its mesmerizing beat.

Listen to Sundae Drivers by Angelo Jsn & Staghorns on Spotify, download or stream the release on your favorite platform and let us know what you think about the latest EP on Fantastic Voyage in the comments!

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Angelo Jsn & Staghorns – Sundae Drivers – Tracklist:

  1. Sundae Driving
  2. Soup Almond
  3. Geuze
Angleo Jsn & Staghorns Sundae Drivers

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