SLANDER & William Black’s “Back To U” Receives Five Fresh Remixes


Matrix & Futurebound, Fairlane, Control Freak, Mazare, and Topi put their spin on SLANDER and William Black’s “Back To U.”

SLANDER is sealing the deal on the big things that they’ve done in 2020. After the release of tunes like “Potions,” “Better Than Heaven,” and “All You Need To Know,” they’ve dropped some stunning remixes of “Back To U,” their stunning collaboration with William Black. Much like their previous tracks that received fresh cuts this year, Back To U (Remixes) offers up five unique takes from artists including Matrix & Futurebound, FairlaneControl FreakMazare, and Topi.

Out now on Gud Vibrations, Back To U (Remixes) kicks off with the cut from Matrix & Futurebound. The dynamic drum and bass duo from the UK reshapes the track to bring it some extra power while taking the vocals to a new dimension entirely. Vancouver-based artist Fairlane arrives next and the multi-talented artist offers up guitar riffs and a lively melody that will carry listeners deeper into the track as it puts the vocals on full display.

Control Freak amps the energy up a notch with a twist on the track that will assert dominance over your eardrums. Transforming the track into an absolute trap banger, it will surely be melting faces as it pummels listeners with its powerful bass. And if you didn’t get enough drum and bass from the lead remix, Mazare is here to satiate those cravings. This Italian bass sensation blends in dreamy elements found in the vocals with a beat that leans on future bass stylings with a touch of drum and bass that dominates the second half of the remix.

The final remix arrives from Topi, who lends his darker tones to the emotion that already fueled the original. This wonky dubstep tune hits the right spot as he intertwines dark arpeggios with glitchy drops before layering in chilled out beats toward the end that makes for quite a ride. Through and through, the remixes of “Back To U” help breathe new life into a track that won over the hearts of SLANDER and William Black fans as its relatable lyrics will pluck at the heartstrings of anyone experiencing the twists and turns of life.

Back To U (Remixes) is out now, so give it a listen on Spotify or your preferred platform and let us know which remix stood out to you the most!

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