Bad Decisions Discuss New EP ‘King Of The Youth’

Bad Decisions

We caught up with Bad Decisions to discuss elements of their latest EP, King Of The Youth, and what big things they have coming our way.

Both members of Australian duo Bad Decisions come from a musical background and they’ve made it clear with each passing release that their dynamic sound is one dance music lovers should be paying attention to. Previously landing tunes on labels like Musical Freedom and Dim Mak, they’ve now found a home on Bite This! with their latest release, the King Of The Youth EP.

Featuring three tracks in total, the King Of The Youth EP sees the duo experiment with various elements within the future bass realm as they take listeners on a ride full of dynamic drops and slower, soulful vocals. Throughout the entire runtime, Bad Decisions demonstrates how they can blend instruments into the electronic space to create memorable bass-fueled beats. Title track “King Of The Youth” also features a stunning vocal performance from ARIIA that you simply need to hear for yourself.

Looking to gain some extra insight on the new EP and more, we got the chance to catch up with Bad Decisions to dive deeper into their creative minds. Be sure to check out King of the Youth on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform, read on for the chat, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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Congrats on your new EP, King of the Youth. What was the production process behind the tracks? Did you have the full release in mind when creating them?

Honestly, things come about like a puzzle we haven’t created yet, the lead single was created a long time ago, we just didn’t have the right opportunity to release it. The process is as random as you could imagine, I can’t even say we have a clear cut process!

You worked with ARIIA on the title track that’s fantastic. Can you share how you first came together and decided on making some music?

We were just browsing some more R&B style music on SoundCloud and heard her voice. She reminded me of 070 Shake. We think she’s gonna be a star one day, absolute talent. We just connected, sent her some music, and next thing we know we have a song in the making!

What is your writing process like and has it at all changed over the past few months? Typically do you write lyrics first or do you write the beats and then the lyrics to go along with?

It hasn’t changed at all, to be honest, we take from our surroundings and feelings at the time. Again, our process is all over the place. Sometimes it just starts with chords and lyrics will be written over that. Sometimes I’ll just be singing in the shower and it goes from there. We never know!

Due to the pandemic we’ve all been stuck inside for such a long time, how has the craziness of this year impacted you, and how do you feel about the new culture of livestreaming?

We’ve been pretty fortunate to be in places with minimal restrictions (most of the time). But it has impacted us a lot. Lifestyle, financially & the worst part, not being able to see family & friends. I think it’s awesome and will continue to grow

Finally, since 2021 is nearly upon us what goals do you two have for the new year and beyond?

We want to release as much music as we can, hopefully, get back to playing shows and bring a unique experience to those who come to see us. We just want to make stuff that we like and hopefully, people will enjoy it. Nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

Bad Decisions – King of the Youth – Tracklist:

  1. Run
  2. King of the Youth
  3. Dangerous Woman
Bad Decisions

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