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Sonny Noto

DJ and producer Sonny Noto swung by to chat about his recent single “Forever,” his evolution as an artist, and where he gets a slice of pizza in NYC!

Since the beginning of the dance music scene, New York City has been at the forefront of curating some of the most forward-thinking DJs and producers while also becoming a beloved nightlife hotspot. One of the artists that call the Big Apple home is the multi-talented Sonny Noto who has consistently released some massive tunes on labels like Ultra Music, Zerothree, and Flamingo Records, while also taking the stage at iconic nightclubs such as Pacha NYC.

Originally hailing from Italy, the discography of Sonny Noto is filled with original tracks that will make bodies move to the beat on the dancefloor. Over the years he’s delivered house grooves on tracks such as “Tell Me” and “Bomba” while also diving into the realm of big room beats with ones like “Aurora.” Additionally, he’s launched One Love Radio to showcase his skills as a tastemaker and flex his DJ muscle while shows continue to remain on pause.

Looking to continue to develop his skills in the studio and evolve as an artist, Sonny Noto leaned into the dance/electro-pop sound for his latest releases that are filled to the brim with blissful beats. Earlier this year he delivered “Feels Like” that helped mark the shift, then worked with Michael Anthony to rework legendary tune “Children,” and most recently dropped a fresh tune called “Forever” that’s an absolute jam.

After the release of “Forever,” we had the chance to sit down with Sonny Noto to dive deeper into his creative mind. Read on to learn more about the track and his experience during the pandemic, and don’t forget to listen to his exclusive guest mix for a taste of his sound!

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Hi Sonny, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today, and congratulations on the release of your latest single “Forever”! It’s an uplifting track that is perfect to help get the state of the world off the minds of anyone who listens. What was the production process like behind the tune?

Thank you for having me, I really appreciate it. The production process behind “Forever” was quite interesting actually. After writing the lyrics I decided to experiment with sounds I’ve never used in the past. I wanted it to be radio-friendly and memorable to the human ear so I knew I had to work extra hard on achieving that. Essentially I was a little nervous because I was working out of my normal club record style so It took me longer than usual to complete the record and maximize the idea. 

Earlier this year you teamed up with Michael Anthony to give the iconic trance song “Children” a fresh cut. How did you and Michael decide to remix the tune and what does that song mean to you?

Yes, Michael is a good friend and super talented young producer, we are basically family. I think when collaborating with other artists you have to be on the same wavelength literally lol. We wanted the song not to lose its original musical element but also wanted something fresh. I think it’s as close as you can come to an original classic without taking away the beauty of the idea. 

Over the years you’ve released music in a variety of genres ranging from house to electro-pop, many of which have been perfect for a club setting. Looking back to your roots, what influenced you to be so dynamic in the studio and push your own boundaries?

Great question here mate. I think as an artist you have to evolve. About a year before the pandemic hit us globally. I decided I want to make EDM pop songs, looking back I’m glad I made that decision because in reality the club/festival life has been shut down so the normal support I would receive from other DJs just isn’t there since no one is touring. 

Aside from your skills in the studio you also kicked off One Love Radio this year. When you’re prepping for a mix like this or the one you spun for us today, what is your track selection process like? How do you decide what to play?

Honestly, moving forward I want to make mixes depending on how I am feeling at that moment in my life. Doesn’t necessarily need to be new music or IDs for a good mix set that a listener can vibe out to. I used to get stuck in having all new music but that’s not the case anymore. Good music is always good music. 

Throughout the pandemic, artists have expressed that they’ve experienced swings in creativity and emotions as the entire industry has been rocked. What has your experience been like? How have you remained creative during these difficult times?

In reality, this can happen even without the pandemic. Sometimes life just takes over and people get busy, even artists. [Laughs] I think this gave me more time to reflect on different styles of music and the goals I have for the future. I listen to pretty much all genres of music. I’m literally over all the place with my playlists and my love for music just grows more and more every day. 

Aside from this year, what has been the biggest struggle you’ve faced as an artist? How did you overcome it?

Well, it’s pretty tough to balance life and being an artist in general so then you throw a global pandemic into the mix and it’s just that more complicated. As an artist, you always want to evolve so I think the struggle comes when you just don’t have the time or the resources that the bigger acts have. It gets frustrating sometimes to work with vocalists or just the creative process in general. I’m glad I stuck it through cause “Forever” really is working well in the charts and people are relating to it.

Now that much of the year is behind us, what are some of the goals you have for 2021? Can we expect more music in the near future?

Oh yes I have two releases in November and some more in 2022 as well!

Finally, because you’re in New York City we have to ask. Where is your favorite place to grab a slice of pizza, and what toppings do you have on it?

That’s an easy question, probably the easiest one you’ve asked. The answer is Joe’s Pizza on Carmine street and no toppings. Fresh simple yet amazing New York-style slice!

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