SOHMI Lights Up the Scene with the ‘Sparks’ EP

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Rising DJ and producer SOHMI makes a fantastic debut with her electrifying Sparks EP that’s out now on Nothing Else Matters Records!

Gaining global recognition and respect in the electronic dance community has set sail for SOHMI with her unique productions in tow. Since first breaking onto the scene, this Korean-American producer has devoted her passion for the dance music scene by delivering tasteful tracks across renowned labels like Astralwerks, Percomaniacs, Gruuv, and more. Dedicated to giving fans another round of satiating tunes, SOHMI has now unveiled her Sparks EP on Danny Howard’s Nothing Else Matter Records!

SOHMI is known for blending genres like soul, funk, techno, and house to create memorable tracks, and she managed to effortlessly cook up delicious treats on this two-track EP. She kicks off the release with “Sparks” featuring Chris Simon, a good-feel track filled with groovy basslines, strong pop-driven vocals, and delicate house melodies. Not only that, but she brought to life her second track, “Switch” by incorporating her clashing production of darkened tunes, just in time for this year’s spooky season.

She finalizes the EP by bringing to life two extended mixes where she effortlessly amplifies these already stunning tracks. These longer cuts provide her listeners with not only two fantastic versions packed with surreal production but extraordinary beats made for any dancefloor!

We expect to see more from this brilliant producer and will be keeping an eye out for what in store for the coming years. Until then, be sure to download and listen to these exclusive tracks on your favorite platform, and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Stream SOHMI – Sparks EP on Spotify:

SOHMI – Sparks EP – Tracklist:

  1. Sparks
  2. Switch
  3. Sparks (Extended Mix)
  4. Switch (Extended Mix)

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