Martin Badder, Mark Jenkyns, & Liz Cass Tap Into Raw Emotion with “Hideout”

Martin Badder, Mark Jenkyns, Liz Cass

Martin Badder teams up with Mark Jenkyns and vocalist Liz Cass on “Hideout”, a head-turning release on Gorgon City’s REALM imprint.

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of creativity, three heads are better than one. The trio of Martin Badder, Mark Jenkyns, and Liz Cass has put that on full display and certainly outdone themselves with “Hideout.” Inspired by the birth of Martin Badder’s daughter, you can already guess that this track is going to inspire some pretty heavy emotions.

This is not the first time that this team of eclectic music makers has crossed paths. Martin Badder and Name Dropper label head Mark Jenkyns worked together earlier this year on the release of “I Remember,” a fun and frilly party tune that inspires sweet memories of the dance floor. And then there is “Lights Off” and “Promised Land” which saw Badder and Anjunadeep supported songbird Liz Cass team up to show us what happens when you combine brilliant vocal quality with music that inspires happy feet around the world. 

After teaming up with Mark we decided to write a club track with substance, I had an initial electro idea with a few lyrics (I’m no lyricist) that I’d written about my daughter the day she was born. Liz turned the simple lyric idea into a whole song.

Martin Badder

Armed with strong working relationships with each other and support from many of the most influential labels in the industry, these three are here to unleash the deep techno thrills with a progression that will send shivers up your spine. I will even go as far as calling “Hideout” a riveting stand out track in 2020. A year that has pushed artists to dig deeper than ever before. 

Out tomorrow on Gorgon City’s REALM Records, it is time to get swept away with a tune layered with dark atmospheres and heavenly charisma. Pre-order your copy of “Hideout” on your favorite music platform, stream below ahead of the release, and then continue on for a few personal thoughts on the track. Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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“Hideout” freezes space and time as the world around me begins to fade away.

Those may seem like pretty strong words but when a track can make everything else seem blurred and insignificant, at that moment, I am entirely invested. It is Liz Cass that makes me want to weep from the very first second. Her voice is incredibly convincing and pierces straight through to the heart. I am left breathless, knowing that this track was inspired by the birth of a child. And that human experience adds to the thrill of the crescendo that runs deep through the core of “Hideaway.”

I know that this track will have a profound effect on the dance floor. From the domineering energy of the bassline to the soft harmony between vocals and synth, I imagine a sea of people locked in a shared experience of intense body movement while a sense of deep love sweeps over us like a warm breeze. Moral of the story… “Hideaway” is incredibly impressive and I hope this isn’t the last time that we see these three link forces. 

Martin Badder, Mark Jenkyns, Liz Cass - Hideout

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