Nitepunk Showcases Intricate Dubstep Sound on “Connected”


Nitepunk is making his mark on 2020 with a hard-hitting track, “Connected,” ahead of his forthcoming Red Turbulence EP!

Nitepunk has been cultivating a consistent buzz around his tracks over the last few years. His 2019 release, “Moonlight Crime,” which dropped on the UKF10 compilation, has received support from Ekali, NGHTMRE & SlanderEffinJuelz and many more in recent months. Capitalizing on this buzz,  Nitepunk is now taking the next step in his career and releasing his first full-length EP, Red Turbulence, on Never Say Die this Friday!

Nitepunk has consistently blown away fans with his sound design and the intricate structuring of his tracks. He’s able to effortlessly combine modern dubstep sounds with old-school sounds in a way that makes it sound like he’s been doing this for ages. On “Connected” Nitepunk takes this mature sound one step further on this mammoth of a track!

The track wastes no time and submerges listeners into a rugged soundscape through its intro, which is filled with distorted vocals, drums, and heavy synths. This all quickly builds into the drop of the track where Nitepunk’s talents shine bright. He masterfully weaves together screechy synths, chopped up vocals, along with quick patterning changes that keep listeners on their toes. The bridge gives everyone a chance to catch their breath and then it’s back again into the second drop of the track, where Nitepunk changes it up with breakbeat-type drums.

“Connected” is a grimy song that all bassheads will enjoy and truly puts Nitepunk into his own lane. We can’t wait to see what he does next after his Red Turbulence EP release this Friday! Get an exclusive listen on SoundCloud below, pre-save Red Turbulence EP on your favorite streaming service, and read on for some extra insight from Nitepunk on the tune!

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“Connected just kind of flew into my head itself and I put down the main sentence right away – but I was struggling with turning it into a whole track. I couldn’t see the world behind it, what the message was, or what was happening on the background. Kind of a creative block. I wanted to go for an old school dubstep sound, but also new and fresh with a halftime bouncy beat – but I couldn’t really get there. It was messing with me a lot personally and mentally and I started to feel like I wasn’t really evolving or going to a new place musically. But after going through lots of processes in my head, I found a way to get ‘connected’ with my source of creativity, and I completely changed the course of the track. And then it was complete! So I called it Connected 😛 ”

– Nitepunk

Nitepunk - Red Turbulence EP

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