Space Jesus Faces Sexual Assault Allegations; Responds with Statement [Updated]

Space Jesus

Allegations of sexual assault that have been brought against Space Jesus rocked the bass music community.

Update January 5, 2022: Caeli (Michaela Higgins) moved to dismiss and strike portions of the complaint made against her by Jasha Tull (Space Jesus) and Lekha Tull. The motions to dismiss and strike were partially granted by the court.

Jasha’s defamation claim was dismissed with leave to amend facts supporting actual malice. His stalking claim was also dismissed with leave to amend that Higgins engaged in conduct with the intent to place him in reasonable fear or facts supporting interference as well.

Lekha’s defamation claim was dismissed with leave to amend with a list of specific defamatory statements. The joint stalking claim from Lekha and Herman was dismissed with leave to amend to allege that Higgins engaged in conduct with intent to place them in reasonable fear or facts supporting interference – and that they “clearly and definitively demanded” Higgins cease conduct unless exigent circumstances made such communication impractical or unsafe.

Further, Higgins’ motion to strike portions of Jasha’s complaint were granted in part and denied in part, while her motion to strike the complaint from Lekha and Herman was granted.

This order from the court was made on December 27, with the plaintiffs being allowed 14 days from then to amend their complaints in accordance with the motions to dismiss. The full document can be found by visiting the US Courts website.

Update March 10, 2021: Space Jesus released a new statement on March 8 that he has filed a lawsuit against Caeli (Michaela Higgins) in regards to the allegations she made against him last summer. His most recent statement, as well as the legal documentation of the case, can be found via We’ve updated our article to clarify and correct it as well.

Update July 3: Today, Yheti issued a statement clarifying his earlier comments regarding the allegations against Space Jesus. The full statement can be found via this link or seen in the post below:

Update June 29: During his “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram Live Monday, Space Jesus denied the allegations against him but failed to address many of the questions asked by his fans. The session, which lasted 22 minutes, mostly consisted of Space Jesus talking generally about the allegations but declining to go into further detail. Many denounced the session, accusing Space Jesus of “dancing around” the allegations. Those who missed the livestream can watch a recording here.

Content Warning: This post contains descriptions of sexual assault. 

After facing allegations of sexual misconduct over the past two years, Space Jesus, aka Jasha Tull, has once again found himself embroiled in controversy. Most recently, Caeli La (Michaela Higgins) has come forward to allege that he engaged in sexual misconduct and predatory behavior during his time playing shows and festivals across the world.

The allegations against Space Jesus are not the first. Last year, he faced backlash over allegations stemming from a woman named Dia, during which Bleep Bloop spoke out against him and released a statement on Facebook. Prior to that, he faced sexual assault allegations while supporting Datsik on the Ninja Nation Tour, though he later pulled out of the tour after learning of the allegations.

Recently, an Instagram account with the handle @evidenceagainstspacejesus has brought to light numerous examples of misconduct. Containing screenshots from Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram among others, the account demonstrates a potential pattern of behavior including unwanted sexual advances and rampant drug use, especially alcohol and ketamine.

Artists and fans from across the scene have spoken out regarding the situation.

Wakaan label boss Liquid Stranger released a statement on his Twitter today urging Space Jesus to come forward and address the claims. “Space Jesus is being accused of acts that are intolerable,” he wrote. “We cannot ignore these women who are accusing him of these actions and he must address their accusations.” The full statement can be found below.

Some, however, have defended Space Jesus amidst these allegations.

Yheti, who has collaborated with Space Jesus via his imprint Moon Dot Records, posted a lengthy comment on Facebook in which he denounced those labeling Space Jesus as an “abuser”. “To call [him] an abuser implies [he] is actively abusing people,” he wrote. “There’s a big difference in an active abuser and someone who has hurt someone in the past.” Screenshots of his statement can be found below.

Space Jesus took to social media to address the situation in a two-part statement.

Following outcry across the scene, Space Jesus addressed one of the allegations with a lengthy statement. In it, he describes his relationship with a woman named Caeli whose allegations appeared on the Instagram page linked above. In an attempt to clear his name, Space Jesus also included a number of screenshots and audio recordings and announced that he will hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) this coming Monday. The full statement can be found posted to Box.

Later the same day, Space Jesus released an additional statement regarding the allegations stemming from the Ninja Nation Tour, in which he admitted to unknowingly sleeping with a 17-year-old. Though he pointed out that the legal age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, he stated that he carries “severe guilt” over the incident and has done some “serious soul searching”. That statement can be found below.

EDM Identity believes survivors of sexual assault, and we admire the bravery of those who have come forward. The abhorrent behavior described above has no place in this world, let alone the dance music community. We will be following this story closely and provide updates as new information becomes available. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673. 

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