CRi Releases “Never Really Get There” Music Video

CRi - Never Really Get There

Anjunadeep’s CRi explores love and disconnection with “Never Really Get There” accompanied by a video filmed during the lockdown.

French-Canadian producer Christophe Dubé, or CRi, is a rising star out of Montréal. His imaginative sound-style earned international recognition shortly after his arrival on the scene in 2016, and CRi has only grown since. Now, this self-taught multi-instrumentalist shares his newest single and music video, “Never Really Get There” via Anjunadeep. CRi amplifies the buttery vocals of Montréal native Jesse Mac Cormack atop polished kaleidoscopic production.

This song is about setting high expectations in relationships and quickly jumping from one to another in denial. Pushing further the moment you will meet with the parts of yourself you don’t want to deal with.” 

Jesse Mac Cormack

CRi’s musical influences range from Caribou to Moby, and his complex style is evident in the surprising elements of the track. Starting off in a deep, poignant state, the song builds into a glimmery disco break. Reminiscent of blurred-colors passing a night drive, this track feels introspective and energetic.

Alongside the single is a music video filmed during the global pandemic lockdown and directed by CRi’s sister, Alexa-Jeanne Dubé. The whole piece was shot through the windows of its subjects from the outside looking in. Dubé captures people dancing, living, interacting in their homes, in an almost voyeur sense. Dubé connects the video and her brother’s music, explaining,

For me, the window represents a kind of bridge between two worlds, two realities, inside and outside. It’s symbolic of the song, because “Never Really Get There” is about being stuck outside yourself and not being able to get back in.” 

Alexa-Jeanne Dubé

Looking in on these strangers is almost like watching yourself. Perfectly pairing with the rises and falls of “Never Really Get There”, the video explores the varying emotions that come with our new reality inside our homes. Check out the full video below or grab it on your preferred platform!

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CRi - Never Really Get There - Anjunadeep

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