Quiet Events Launches Virtual DJ Battle Platform

DJ Battle from Quiet Events

Livestreams aren’t exciting enough for you? Need a little more competition on your screen? Check out DJ Battle from Quiet Events!

Quiet Events had been hosting silent disco parties for over eight years when the coronavirus pandemic changed our lives. They wanted to keep the party going and provide DJs with a way to earn income and perform while in quarantine. Facebook streaming, Zoom, Skype, and other video conference tools’ wouldn’t deliver the same interactive experience that the company’s party-goers have come to expect, so Quiet Events built their own: the first online DJ battle platform!

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Upon joining the DJ battle party online, you’ll be greeted with a gamified platform piping in three DJ livestreams from Twitch. Each DJ is framed in either blue, red, or green and you’ll only hear the audio from the one that you’ve put into focus. Cycle through to see each perform and get a feel for their style and sound. Enjoy the diversity and creativity of not only their music, but their setting, visuals setup, and MC skills.

Each DJ is scored based on the time viewers selected them to be in focus, as well as votes via a familiar like button. There’s also an integrated chat function so fans can interact with each other. You can even interact with the DJs by submitting song requests or asking for shout outs.

While the DJ battle parties are free for fans, this is also an opportunity for the DJs to showcase themselves and even receive tips. For some performers, the tips are a way to earn some income while out of work, for others the tips are donations channeled to the cause of their choice. Quiet Events is even exploring non-DJ battles, like comedians or even fitness instructors!

Check out a sample of the DJ Battle platform in action on YouTube:

I joined a DJ Battle recently and really enjoyed the gamification of my home music experience.

After listening to lots and lots of house, progressive, and techno DJ livestreams over the last few weeks, the “Top 40 Vs. Throwbacks Vs. Hip Hop” theme when I joined was refreshing. Each of the DJs really went all out decorating their space with vinyl, retro CDs, tapestries, and swag from their era.

Since the platform requires the viewers to interact with the system, I found myself more meaningfully engaged with the music. The experience became almost physical as I toggled between DJs, got up to dance, and sat down again to talk smack in the chat.

The night I joined, the DJ streams and all the critical functionality seemed smooth and error-free. There were still a few small bugs popping up in the secondary features like the chat stream. Since the night I joined, they’ve been making improvements and I saw today that there’s a new, much easier to read, calendar page for looking up future events.

All in all, DJ Battle is a fun way to spice up those livestreams, so give it a try by heading to their website.

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