Moscoman Introduces Disco Halal Relief Fund

Disco Halal Relief

Moscoman has launched the Disco Halal Relief Fund to help the underground electronic community affected by the coronavirus.

Like many other artists in the dance music community during these trying times, Moscoman is doing his part to give back to the scene with the launch of Disco Halal. A COVID-19 relief fund that intends to raise money for the underground electronic scene that is currently facing the same unemployment challenges as others around the world

Intent on giving back to individuals that continue to devote their energy to the underground community, Disco Halal is raising funds virtually on Fundrazr. Moscoman aims to raise $100,000 for employees temporarily out work with plans for various micro-grants for contributors like artists, lighting teams, sound techs, and other essential workers.

“As time progresses, the damage is becoming increasingly stark and the future more and more uncertain,” said Moscoman. “ As a result, we have decided to start a relief fund and allow us to give financial support to those in need.”

Looking to provide financial support for the loss and cancellations of many shows, Disco Halal will determine the funds that can be distributed based on how much money is raised and the number of individuals who apply for grants. 

It is still uncertain when many of these workers will be back to their normal daily schedules and routines, but the aid from the community will help these essential employees survive. At this time, Disco Halal has raised more than $1,500 in their fundraising efforts!

“The underground scene can help keep its champions above water while the world weathers this storm,” Moscoman said.

Will you be contributing to the continued success of the underground club and night scene? If you would like to donate to Disco Halal and be a part of the vital support of the underground music scene, head over to their website!

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