L.U.X Chats About New Single “Toxicity” and Animal Crossing


We sat down with heavy dubstep artist L.U.X to talk about his brand new slapper “Toxicity,” COVID-19 and the music industry, and more!

Based out of Israel, L.U.X is no stranger to brutally heavy bass music. Strapped with an expansive sonic arsenal complete with violent bass whomps and slashes, this rising artist is certain to get any crowd moving. L.U.X has been signed with Never Say Die: Black Label since 2018 and has since blessed the bass community with notable projects such as his Death Grip EP and “Stab City.”

L.U.X’s latest release, “Toxicity,” takes an incinerating slew of vicious punches and rhythmic robotic clicks and fuses it with a dancey bassline. Though the bass is heavy enough to get any moshpit going, this tune will have you moving and grooving until the very end.

Stream “Toxicity” on your favorite platform and read on for some extra insight from L.U.X himself!

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Hey L.U.X, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! Let’s start with your latest release “Toxicity”. While still retaining that punchy, guttural bass you’re known for, this tune has a different flair from some of your other projects. Can you talk about the process behind making “Toxicity”?

“Toxicity” was made a while ago but only finished recently. Quite often I’ll start an idea,
then store it away for a while. Then I’ll dig the project back out at a later date and work on it until completion – and that is what happened with “Toxicity.” Its structure differs plenty from my newer music, but it still has my touch on it. I try to incorporate new things into my music with each release.

Being that some of my favorite projects have come out of Never Say Die: Black Label, I’ve built up a lot of appreciation for the label as a fan. As an artist, how has working with Black Label helped foster your creative process?
It has always been a dream of mine to sign with NSD, basically ever since I started making
dubstep. I feel like I’ve found a little home with them – a place to feature my individual style of music. It’s been awesome! SKisM picked me up two years ago, and since then he and his team have been the most helpful for my project and I will forever appreciate it!!
You recently said on Twitter that you push yourself to create unique music and that this process takes a toll on you. Can you describe both the internal and external pressure to be different and how that has positively or negatively affected your artistic vision?

It’s difficult being different and standing apart from the crowd in general, in every scene
of music. Sometimes an idea works and sometimes it doesn’t. I try, to this day, not to get
upset with this process but it can get to you. Over time, I’ve slowly learned that not
everything has to be insanely unique. The fans are appreciative and accepting of anything,
as long as it has my signature sound on it and that’s what makes it forgiving and fun.

Obviously COVID-19 has significantly impacted the music industry in the past few weeks, forcing events to be put on hold and ultimately making things a lot more difficult for artists. What goals have you made for yourself with all of this newfound free time (both personal and music-related)?

While this is a time of unfortunate events, one of the most positive things anyone could
do is either learn a new skill or practice things you already know. Now would be a great time to pick up a new instrument, or learn music theory! Personally, for me, I am trying to
practice as much as possible with my production and attain a higher understanding of music.

Finally, let’s close things out with a fun question for you: do you have any future plans regarding your home decor in Animal Crossing?

There are plenty of musical instruments in the game, so I’m trying to collect them all and
make a little studio in-game. That being said, the game is wonderful and everyone should
pick it up. Thanks for having me!

L.U.X toxicity

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