Khåen Drops Soothing and Aptly-Named EP ‘The Hermit’

Khåen - The Hermit

Khåen delivers an uplifting soundtrack perfect for your time in isolation with The Hermit that’s out now on This Never Happened.

As 2020 continues to fall deeper into a state of madness, many continue to turn to music more than ever for peace and guidance. Scandinavian producer, Khåen, has just released his EP entitled The Hermit. Even though this project was named long before the global quarantine, it is quite an appropriately named soundtrack for the current circumstances. What better time to delve into new sounds and artists, right?

As this EP was released on Lane 8‘s label, This Never Happened, he has fully endorsed The Hermit on Twitter saying that Khåen is “one of the best producers around, he has such a unique & clever style and always creates elements that give me goosebumps when I first hear them! love these tracks a lot and hope they bring you some delight.” And there’s no disagreement with him there from us!

Take a listen to The Hermit on Spotify below, download or stream on your favorite platform, and read on for a deeper look at this fresh release from Khåen!

Stream Khåen – The Hermit EP on Spotify:

The three tracks on The Hermit definitely bring instant relief to the soul.

The title track starts the EP off on a very calming note. It has an uplifting and fresh feeling to it, reminiscent of a bright summery day. The intricate layers create an overwhelming sense of hope and serenity.

Khåen continues in that meditative and uplifting vein for the next song “Hyrde.” While maintaining a minimal sound here, he manages to produce a soothing atmospheric experience.

Then, “Last Witness” switches gears for a heavier, techno sound. This one shines a light on Khåen’s range as an artist. Mysterious buildups and dark drops paint an almost daunting yet intriguing soundscape, fit for a post-apocalyptic setting.

On Instagram, Khåen​ also teases two more releases from him in the upcoming months. We will be keeping our ears open in anticipation. Until then, The Hermit shall be on repeat as we stay inside and keep our social distance!

Khaen - The Hermit EP

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