OCULA Helps Us “Remember” Better Times with a Peaceful Playlist


OCULA takes us back to a calmer time and place with his remix of “Remember” by Gabriel & Dresden and a playlist of uplifting tunes.

It was only two weeks ago that the world began to change around us rapidly and society began to self-isolate to prevent the spread of COVID-19. During this time, one of the tunes released that has provided us with a moment of peace comes from OCULA as he took the remixing reins on Gabriel & Dresden’s “Remember.”

OCULA’s playful remix is a terrific reminder of how just a little attention can refresh our perspective. It remains absolutely faithful to the original while giving listeners a fresh perspective; and a reason to listen to the track anew. Additionally, the original line “Remember who you are” seems so appropriate right now as we are all spending a lot of time with, well, ourselves.

Since many people around the world use music as a way to guide them through difficult times, we asked OCULA for a companion playlist that would inspire us along with the new release. He truly delivered!

Check out the curated playlist below that features OCULA’s own tunes along with artists like Lane 8 and Disclosure, read on for an inspiring message from this rising star, and tell us how you’re finding solace in these uncertain times in the comments.

Stream OCULA’s Finding Peace Amid The Madness Playlist on Spotify:

“Everyone is in this slumber together, and it’s easy to just sit in all the negativity waiting for it to blow over. However, there will be a handful of people who use this time – free time that is so hard to come by nowadays, to build and develop themselves as better artists. Taking the time to explore that new plugin, to work on that logo that you’ve needed, even to find more new music that you wouldn’t usually listen to that gives you that spark of inspiration. This free time is unbelievably valuable!”



  1. Gabriel & Dresden, Centre, OCULA – Remember – OCULA Remix
  2. Disclosure – Expressing What Matters
  3. Marsh – Joy
  4. Jon Hopkins, Kelly Lee Owens – Luminous Spaces
  5. OCULA – Saviour
  6. Tourist – Apollo
  7. Durante – Maia
  8. Cubicolor – Points Beyond
  9. Lane 8 – Sunday Song
  10. OCULA – Summit
  11. Jerro – Pantheon
  12. Lane 8 – Stir Me Up
  13. Rylan Taggart – Sail
  14. minds&machines – Remind – Extended
  15. OCULA – Rise

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Jared, aka JSkolie, was introduced to electronic music in the 1990’s by way of Orbital. He raved in parks and fields in South Florida where the entirety of the production was a DJ in a box truck. Now living in NYC, he attended his first Above & Beyond show in 2016 and his life has never been the same. Jared has been energized by the Trance community and its PLUR ethos. He is a supporter of harm reduction and is a DanceSafe volunteer. Jared enjoys endurance events and has danced for 12-hours straight while often recovering from raves with bike rides just as long. Or longer.

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