Lightning in a Bottle Releases Lineups for The Compass and Grand Artique Stages

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Yoga
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The Do LaB rounds out the list of artists playing Lightning in a Bottle with the lineups for The Compass and Grand Artique Stages!

As the anticipation to catch amazing sets and make fresh memories during festival season continues to build as it arrives closer by the day, the Do LaB has added even more fuel to the fire. If the lineups that have been released for Lightning in a Bottle weren’t enough already, they’ve now dropped their last two billings for their Grand Artique and The Compass stages!

In many ways, Lightning in a Bottle is more than just a music festival and this is put on display at The Compass stage. During the day it becomes a hub for personal growth and opportunities to learn. Here attendees can find anything from lectures about to consciousness to yoga classes. But as night falls, the space is transformed into a home for otherworldly sounds and unique musical acts.

Some strong names to check out here are The Human Experience, CHIKA, 29 Palms, and Goldcap. With everything from hip hop to deep house and global sounds to spoken word, the Compass will be a space to open your mind and expand your musical repertoire.

The Grand Artique stage is also unlike any other stage at LiB. Here you will feel like you have been picked up and dropped directly into an old western town. Complete with a general store, saloon, and fully costumed characters, the Grand Artique has become a must-visit every day and night.

The lineup for this stage consists of more folk, funk, and blues sounds, and features live bands as well as an annual talent show featuring LiB attendees! This year make sure to catch Ezra Bell, High Step Society, Sofaz, and Foxtrails.

Now that every lineup has been released and has exceeded our expectations, we are more than ready for this Memorial Day weekend! Make sure to explore the lineups, because there are so many incredible acts of every style and genre and stay tuned for more updates!

Tickets and camping passes for Lightning in a Bottle 2020 are moving quickly so you should definitely grab them soon via their website if you plan to attend!

Lightning in a Bottle 2020 The Compass and Grand Artique Lineups:

Lightning in a Bottle 2020 - The Compass Lineup

Lightning in a Bottle 2020 - Grand Artique Lineup

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