New Daft Punk Album Allegedly Coming This Year [Updated]

Daft Punk

An alleged leak in the Daft Punk community on Reddit has been making its rounds, but is there any validity to the album that’s rumored to come in May?

Update: As we all figured, this alleged Daft Punk leak was indeed a hoax and was debunked soon after the frenzy began. This blog has plenty of evidence that they sourced as well as the comments from dpthrowaway2020 stating it was indeed fake.

Today, a buzz began to surface in the community of passionate Daft Punk fans as supposed leaked documents surfaced in the r/DaftPunk Discord and made their way into the subreddit itself. According to the poster named dpthrowaway2020 the documents, which can be found below, came from someone who works at Henson Studios (where they recorded Random Access Memories).

There are some interesting alleged pieces of information that can be found in the images that surfaced. These particulars include that this release would be an album on a variety of formats including laserdisc, that there would be 12 tracks with an additional bonus one for its release in Japan, and that the album would be released on May 26, 2020.

While many are taking this as a true leak and are beginning to prep for the first official release from Daft Punk this decade, others (including us) are hesitant and awaiting more concrete sources. There is some validity to the fact that their previous album was not teased until Coachella in 2013, just two months before its release, and that the lawyers listed are in fact connected to the duo.

Some of the information that’s included in these photos that surfaced puts this alleged leak in an unconfirmed state.

The first sign that these documents might be fake is that Daft Arts dissolved in 2018 and therefor it’s strange for Paul Hahn to have his email listed under that name. While the company itself may be no more, there’s a chance that they’re still utilizing the email address listed. Why? When you visit the website it automatically starts a download of a music video for Jay Reatard’s track “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me” which means that they’re still upkeeping the hosting in some capacity or another.

Editor’s Note: We’ve sent an email to the address listed for Paul Hahn but anticipate that we won’t receive a response. If we get one we’ll update this post accordingly.

The next interesting piece of insight is that Columbia Records and parent company Sony Music Entertainment are listed at the top of the bill. The previously released album Random Access Memories was released on the label but according to Paul Hahn this deal was only for the one album. This is something that could’ve potentially changed, though, or there’s a chance they could’ve signed another deal for a single album.

Finally, others online have noted that the release date is set for a Tuesday and therefore “isn’t real.” While “Global Release Day” is Friday, that doesn’t inherently mean that every release happens on that day. In fact, many artists opt to choose to release on a variety of different days of the week while some in countries like Japan continue to release on Wednesday as they have for decades.

Check out the two images that surfaced earlier today:

As always with any leak involving Daft Punk you have to err on the side of caution of its legitimacy. The duo hasn’t released original material since 2013 and has only collaborated with other artists in the scene. That being said, if this alleged leak is true we will be excited as ever for some fresh music from our favorite robots!

Do you think Daft Punk will be dropping a new album this year? Let us know in the comments!

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