Boris Brejcha Took Us to the Cosmos on ‘Space Diver’

Boris Brejcha
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Boris Brejcha delivers an emotionally driven journey that showcases a wild terrain filled with minimal techno and electro elements on Space Diver.

Since first breaking onto the scene, Boris Brejcha has become one of the hottest artists in the realm of underground dance music. Creating his own style called “High-Tech Minimal” that blends the worlds of electro and miminal techno together, he gives listeners crisp sounds that are simply impossible to ignore. Now, Brejcha is making us strap in and hold on tight as Space Diver lifts off and accelerates us all into the cosmos.

Boris Brejcha‘s Space Diver really takes you on a journey beyond our own atmosphere. Each track’s harmonies and rhythmic basslines help further that journey and delve into a deeper level of trance-inflicted, melodic, and minimal techno. The album as a whole finds it’s orbit balanced between energetic club and relaxed home listening. Regardless of your location, you’ll want to keep this album on repeat.

Listen to Space Diver on Spotify below, download or stream the album on your favorite platform, and enjoy some of my thoughts on this Boris Brejcha masterpiece!

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“Gravity” not only leads the album in position and length but really sets the tone for the rest of the album.

A strong bassline and some shakers on “Gravity” help open the album up. New sounds are introduced steadily as percussion is added, and within minutes the piano comes in a few notes at a time and eerie space sounds start to fill the spaces in between. This track is the longest on the album and really sets the tone of what to expect.

About halfway into the song, the track reduces to just a cymbal and piano melody as if we broke into the silence of space for the very first time. The vocals say “faded gravity, melting away” and the piano melody continues when suddenly the initial beat breaks back in and you feel like you’ve suddenly been released, ready to travel through the stars.

“Lieblingsmensch” is a German word that means “favorite person” and is just as uplifting as its namesake.

This track goes full circle all while slowly layering sounds into each other. From the very beginning the track has a hard-hitting kick and as it continues its intensity increases building into a crescendo and quickly falling back. The middle part of the song re-centers us for a brief period of time and then breaks back into the same heavy bass line from the beginning. This song stays bright throughout the track and really represented safety and calm in the void of space to me.

There’s a jungle vibe that comes through fully on “To The Moon and Back.”

The high BPM and bouncy beat had me grooving in my chair as I started this track. The song is hypnotizing and high energy and a breakdown that quickly picks itself back up. It’s a track that’s great for both the dance floor or while you’re at home playing video games. It is the drive of this song that makes it addicting its ending feels like you’ve made it to your destination.

“Blue Lake” was entrancing and quickly became my favorite track of the album

The third longest track on the album, “Blue Lake” starts out softly. There’s a kick line but the melody is delayed, and layer by layer the song builds into itself almost as if weaving the notes in and out of each other. A third of the way into the track and the intensity begins to breathe and eerie music notes spread out.

The song is absolutely captivating and reaches a pivotal calm just before the halfway mark. A strong melody echoes over itself and then the song explodes with energy taking you all the way to the end.

From start to finish the tracks on Space Diver offer a journey for the listener, these were just some of my favorites.

Boris Brejcha has such a unique sound already and this album really helped emphasize his abilities to construct worlds layer by layer. With each passing track, the listener travels forward as he transforms the void of the dark night into a starry sight.

Overall, Space Diver is beautifully organized, simple, and diverse, it’s a cohesive electronic album that is a must-listen for anyone looking to explore the realm of High-Tech Minimal that Brejcha has set out to create.

Which track stuck with you the most? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Gravity — Laura Korinth (9:24)
  2. Happinezz — Ginger (7:52)
  3. Never Look Back (8:02)
  4. Lieblingsmensch (8:44)
  5. Space Diver (6:37)
  6. To the Moon and Back — Ginger (8:00)
  7. Blue Lake (8:10)
  8. Take It Smart (7:18)
  9. Future (7:12)
  10. The Troublemakerz (7:39)
  11. Kittys Journey (7:45)
  12. Game Over (7:31)

Space Diver by Boris Brejcha Album Cover

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