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With Charlotte de Witte landing a spot on the CRSSD Spring lineup let’s throw it back and celebrate the video anniversary of “Weltschmerz”!

It was back in 2015 that Charlotte de Witte delivered an early Christmas gift to her fans in the form of the official music video for her brooding techno head-turner, “Weltschmerz”. While the tune would be included in her five-track EP on Turbo Recordings set for release on December 11 of that year, it was the trippy video visuals that had everyone chomping at the bit for the full package.

True insanity begins to bubble through the speakers as faceless humanoids take front and center, accompanied by simple geometrical graphics. As the entities move and shift their bodies a dark sensuality is established. I am personally addicted to this music video because when it comes to techno, the more twisted and sinister the better. The visuals should be just enough to get inside your head and make you think about the concept without necessarily providing an answer. Then the music is there to pull you even further into your psyche as you ride the dark consistent rhythm.

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If we dig deep into the track’s inspiration we have to first look at the definition of Weltschmerz. We find that many who have used this term relate it to a deep sadness about the inadequacy or imperfection of the world. Next, we place Charlotte de Witte’s musical interpretation on top of the word and the result delivers us into a deep cavern of emotion where we become mesmerized by the haunting melodics and heart-crushing techno kicks. All in all, this was one hell of a conceptual bulls-eye from our beloved techno Goddess.

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Charlotte de Witte - Weltschmerz

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