Treasure Fingers

Treasure Fingers gives us a taste of his signature Psycho Disco sound with the latest addition to the Fall Frequencies mix series!

Atlanta-based artist Treasure Fingers has been making some serious waves in the dance music scene over the years. Whether he’s creating new tunes in the studio or making us all move from behind the decks, it’s clear as day that he’s one of the most passionate artists in the game today. Beyond his own stunners like “Bodyrocking” and recent release “Mint Baby” he’s also remixed hit tracks like MK’s “Body 2 Body” to twist it to his liking.

Aside from his skills as an artist, Treasure Fingers has also helped boost the community further with his label Psycho Disco! that has become a home for established artists and rising stars alike. Compilations like Psycho Disco! ’18 have shown off the true tastemaking ability of the label and the sky is the limit for where they can head next.

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Although the end of the year is on the horizon, there is plenty more to come from Psycho Disco. The release of Hunter Reid’s Black & White EP is due up before the end of the month and the Psycho Killers Vol. 2 compilation set to drop November 1 as well. To give you a taste of what’s in store from the label, Treasure Fingers has crafted up a mix to tune into. Check it out below and get your booty moving!

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“This mix is a collection of our newest freshest Psycho Disco! releases, many still unreleased. I wanted to give a sneak peek into what’s in store for us & our artists. We’re closing out the year strong!”

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